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Platform Loans – The New Kids On The Personal Investing Block

Call it platform lending, marketplace lending or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, the loans facilitated in our sector are a new asset class. The novelty of platform lending has contributed to a classic case of the syndrome known as fear of the unknown. There have been some high-profile failures in the sector. The lesson we’ve learned from […]

IFISA Will Weather Industry Doubts Over Long-Term Future – Plus Loan Latest

Our friends at Professional Adviser run an opinion piece predicting that the Innovative Finance individual Savings Account will suffer because of regulatory or governmental hostility and/or ignorance. We believe that the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending industry is already seeing a shake-out (losing the platforms that don’t have solid business practices and especially conservative risk-analysis policies). Our […]

Property-Backed Loans Transform P2P And IFISA Market – Plus Loan Latest

We are not alone. Money&Co. has been in the vanguard of seeking extra security for our lenders, and focusing on property-backed peer-to-peer (P2P) loans. This means we take a legal charge on property and ensure that the loan-to-value figure offers good security. For example, in a recent string of webuyanyhomes.com loans, the loans were typically […]

P2P Portfolio Service Set To Spark Migration From Cash ISAs

Hello. The new year is in, and we welcome 2019 with renewed emphasis on Money&Co.’s just-launched Portfolio Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account, which is managed by Bramdean Asset Management (an FCA-regulated fund management business). This service has already attracted significant volumes of business (in the final quarter of 2018) – and the prospects look excellent, […]

Money Flocks To Managed Portfolio Service – Plus 8% Loan Yield Latest

We’re pleased to report very healthy inflows of money from cash ISAs to our own offering. More substantial sums qualify for our managed portfolio service. Given that the average return achieved by our lender is over 8 per cent gross, the difference between the annual yield on £100,000 is substantial. Cash ISAs currently bring in […]

New 9% Yield, Property-Backed, Interest-Only Loan Landing On Site

Landing on site… The next tranche of the popular Project Seascape. This is a special purpose vehicle, which will be used to fund property development.  The management team has extensive experience in the property sector and a strong track record.  The team has worked together since 2008, during which time they have completed 80 developments. […]