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Money Flocks To Managed Portfolio Service – Plus 8% Loan Yield Latest

We’re pleased to report very healthy inflows of money from cash ISAs to our own offering. More substantial sums qualify for our managed portfolio service. Given that the average return achieved by our lender is over 8 per cent gross, the difference between the annual yield on £100,000 is substantial. Cash ISAs currently bring in […]

Latest News: New, Property-Backed, 8% Fixed Yield Loan Offer

We have a new A-rated, 8 per cent fixed yield, three-year loan offering on site. North East Property Developments, according to the borrower, “manages buy-to-let portfolios for individuals in the North East of England. The individuals invest their money and the company then sources properties on their behalf, refurbishes them and then lets them on […]

Successful Close Of A-Rated 8% Property-Backed Loan – And More To Come!

We are pleased to announce the closure of our latest A-rated loan offering. This property-backed offer had a term of five years and a fixed yield of 8 per cent. More loans will be on site soon. Below, we examine just how attractive the returns are in today’s environment. Cash deposits that qualify for Individual Savings […]

A-Rated 8% Asset-Backed Loan Offer Latest – Plus P2P To Move Mainstream?

  As we move to close the latest A-rated, 8 per cent fixed-rate, property-backed loan offering on site, our credit-analysis committee tells us there are several more offers in the pipeline. In the four years this platform has facilitated over £11 million of peer-to-peer (P2P) loans. Money&Co. lenders have achieved returns of over 8 per […]