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Inheritance Tax Change – Don’t Bet Your House On It

We’re seeing significant interest in Money&Co.’s Inheritance Tax Service. Political uncertainty may play a part in this: although governments may change, it’s unlikely (though not certain) that new administrations will act retrospectively. So perhaps it’s no surprise that many homeowners potentially liable to IHT are coming to understand that the time to act is now. […]

Big And Beautiful Or Small And Sticky? P2P Needs Small Investors

Providers of financial services like “sticky” money, capital that stays once it’s arrived. The fact is that small investors and savers, often criticised for “inertia”, are slow to action. Their money, generally speaking, is sticky. At Money&Co. we are committed to keeping the crowd, in the form of the small investor, in crowdfunding. The stickiness […]

AltFi P2P Survey: Lower Yields Still Appeal

AltFi has taken the lead in research of the peer-to-peer (P2P) market across Europe. Below, we reprise a couple of salient points from AltFi’s own analysis of the data it garnered. The full article, well worth a read, can be found here. Fat margins get thinner for investors Investors in a diversified peer-to-peer lending portfolio […]

Modern Savings Market: Great Savings Robbery Or ‘Betrayal’?

The language may be emotive but the loss is real. We have over the years often referred to the terribly low savings rates offered by banks and building societies to investors as the Great Savings Robbery. The point is simple: savings rates are consistently low, and borrowers find themselves paying higher rates. See some of […]

New P2P Business Rules Reprised – Plus IFISA Process Guide

There’s good and not-so-good in the recently announced rules from the Financial Conduct Authority on how the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector will do business. The rules come into effect in December. We’ll be commenting at greater length in our blog section shortly. Meanwhile, here’s a reprise of the major points from commentary site, Lend Academy. The […]

P2P Or Not P2P? These Are The Risk-Assessment Questions To Ask

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders have done well. With an annual default rate of less than 0.3 per cent over more than £15 million facilitated, Money&Co. lenders have achieved returns of more than 8 per cent gross.  But P2P loans are riskier investments than cash deposits as an asset class – and ease of access. We’ve attached […]

Beware The ‘Knowledge Gap’ As Investors Seek IFA Advice

Wisdom has always been at a premium. In a financial context, it’s become more and more precious (and scarce) following the reform of the way financial products are bought and sold – specifically, the way advisers are allowed to remunerate themselves. Many independent financial advisers (IFAs) have simply given up, after a commission-based structure was […]

P2P Sector Has Much To Do: IFISAs Still Unknown To 92% Of Public

As an industry, the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector hasn’t done a great job of explaining and promoting itself. There’s considerable confusion about what P2P loans are and that’s not been helped by some mischief from sellers of mini-bonds (see this earlier article, which explains the difference). For the record, what we do is bring individuals […]