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Well-Managed Platform Lending: Risk And Yield Versus ‘Illiquid Speculation’

A recent article in the redoubtable FT Adviser looks at the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules on “speculative illiquid assets”. We welcome the advent of the rules, as we do the media analysis of them. But it’s very, very important to distinguish between these investments (known in many cases as “mini-bonds”) and platform lending. Last […]

Feeling High – How P2P Investors Can Understand Risk

Hello and welcome to the late-starting working week. Today, we’re sharing an opinion piece in FT Adviser. It’s replete with wisdom and common sense about the much misunderstood peer-to-peer (P2P) sector. Imagine an asset class where investor returns have been overwhelmingly positive every year since its inception and incredibly stable, hovering around the mid-single digits, […]

Beware The ‘Knowledge Gap’ As Investors Seek IFA Advice

Wisdom has always been at a premium. In a financial context, it’s become more and more precious (and scarce) following the reform of the way financial products are bought and sold – specifically, the way advisers are allowed to remunerate themselves. Many independent financial advisers (IFAs) have simply given up, after a commission-based structure was […]

P2P “Can Form Stable Portion Of Investors’ Portfolios” – FT Adviser

The mainstream media is beginning to take peer-to-peer (P2P) lending seriously. Our friends at FT Adviser offer some analysis of P2P as an asset class that might be recommended to the clients of financial advisers. We reproduce excerpts from the article, with our comments. “[P2P] has reached a stage of maturity where it can be […]

Regulation And Reporting Standards Are P2P Growth Issues

Our young industry is flourishing, and growing strongly. But with rapid growth come teething troubles – as peer-to-peer (P2P) business lenders seek a stable regulatory and reporting environment. P2P needs steady regulatory direction and reliable data to be fully recognised as a trustworthy asset class.   Our friends at FT Adviser report some concerns from […]

Turner’s P2P U-Turn: Why Is ‘Sorry’ The Hardest Word?

Crowdfundinsider carries news of Lord Turner’s apparent rethinking and clarification – to put it politely – of his remarks about P2P on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme earlier this year. “Lord Adair Turner: Direct Lending May Make the Financial System More Stable. “The above statement came from Lord Adair Turner in a speech delivered at […]

Before The Flood: Get To Know Risks And Rewards Of P2P

There’s much talk of alternative finance entering the mainstream. But what does that really mean? It’s difficult to provide a comprehensive answer, but acceptance and understanding of what altfi provides is certainly a big part of it. As far as Money&Co. is concerned, we have to spread the word about peer-to-peer (P2P) lending to small businesses (matching […]

Crowdfunders Find IFISA Teething Problems

Young industries often find themselves with teething problems. Witness the agonising over the implementation of Innovative Finance ISAs (aka IFISAs – tax-free savings plans holding up to £15,240 permanently free of capital or income taxes). The UK government has been enthusiastic about helping peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunders like Money&Co. reach a mass audience – and IFISAs are […]