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Turner’s P2P U-Turn: Why Is ‘Sorry’ The Hardest Word?

Crowdfundinsider carries news of Lord Turner’s apparent rethinking and clarification – to put it politely – of his remarks about P2P on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme earlier this year. “Lord Adair Turner: Direct Lending May Make the Financial System More Stable. “The above statement came from Lord Adair Turner in a speech delivered at […]

P2P: Turner Is For Turning, If Not Apologising…

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the ire aroused by the remarks of Lord Adair Turner on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme back in February. The former boss of City regulator, the Financial Services Authority (now superseded by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA]) attracted sharp criticism from the alternative-finance sector, Money&Co. very much […]

Crowdfunders Push Back Against ‘Genius Lenders’ Criticism

We note with interest – and broad approval – remarks made by Samir Desai, co-founder of our bigger brother in the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector. Speaking at AltFi’s recent conference, Mr Desai reacted to Lord Adair Turner’s remarks on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme. Lord Turner criticised the credit-analysis process and lending policies of […]

Lord Turner Attacked For ‘Ill-Informed’ P2P Crowdfunding Comments

Lord Turner’s remarks about the credit-analysis process in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending – which is what we do – on BBC Radio yesterday are getting plenty of feedback. Very little of it is positive. The excerpt below is from an article by Emma Dunkley in the Financial Times: “P2P industry hits back at Lord Turner’s warning […]