Monthly Archives: August 2022

Mainstream Class Action Against Coinbase Is Test Case

The ambivalence between the mainstream and the alternative finance world continues. And here’s a test case, as reported by our friends at Finextra. We’ll be watching this one with the greatest of interest… The world’s largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, is facing a Federal Class Action lawsuit over allegations that it failed to secure user accounts […]

Horizon Scanning Highlights Need For Careful Selection In Business Loans

  Our friends at Altfi do some horizon scanning ahead of the much-discussed dark winter ahead. Here’s a short excerpt: While most agree they don’t want a re-run of the worst of 1970s – winter power cuts, strikes, spiralling inflation, bankruptcies, unemployment and sluggish growth – much of it already seems to be happening or […]

Institutions Take A Hard Look At Crypto Management And Regulation

  Everyone has an opinion, but the opinions are invariably different. Yes, we are talking cryptocurrencies and their management and regulation. Here come two… First up, Altfi runs a policy statement on crypto policing from Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group. She argues lawmakers need keep pace […]

Central Bank Digital Currency – Stability The Goal

Out of the darkness, light. A new paper reveals the ultimate goal of central bankers and their desire to foist Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on the financial system. The paper makes it clear that the ultimate goal is stability in the system – reinforcing the argument regularly made in this News section that CBDCs […]