Monthly Archives: August 2014

Bank Lending Falls, Yet Deposit Levels Rise

The banks are raking in deposits despite low yields – and not lending the money back out  Lending by major UK banks to non-financial businesses tumbled by nearly a further £1 billion in July. This figure, calculated on a net basis, which takes into account repayments, is produced by the British Banking Association, and reported […]

Crowdfunding Lenders Getting Good Rewards

Money&Co. lenders have been getting much more of this for their investment Lenders to the companies borrowing on Money&Co.’s crowdfunding platform have received an average gross return of more than eight per cent, reports Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick in her latest blog. “We are looking for companies with strong balance sheets and upward momentum in […]

NISA, Pension Income To Come From Crowdfunding – City AM

NISA and pension income-seekers could find crowdfunded loans the last piece of the pie Some call it peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Others prefer to call it person-to-business (P2B). Either way, Money&Co.’s crowdfunding sector is doing well. As City AM puts it: “The peer-to-peer lending industry is booming. Figures from the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association showed that over […]

NISAs To Add Crowdfund Assets, Late 2014

When will the UK government press the button on crowdfunded NISAs?  The New Individual Savings Account (NISA), which enables individuals to hold up to £15,000 of assets tax-free, will expand their investment remit to include crowdfunding assets. The big question is when the government  will  allow them to do so. The administration’s intentions are clear […]

Crowd To Bring Cheaper, Faster Finance And Better Investor Returns

Either a borower or a lender be… Crowdfunding offers attractive prospects on both sides of the equation The Bank Holiday week end brings the close of another successful funding auction – £540,000 has been raised for engineering company, Milturn. Congratulations to the company and to its lenders. So what lies ahead? Specifically, what will autumn […]

Crowdfunding Competes With Instant Access Accounts

Crowdfunding has its own quick fixes, according to Money&Co.’s Nicola Horlick Following an excellent response to yesterday’s excursion into deposit-account savings analysis, we thought we’d follow up with a look at instant-access deposit accounts. According to independent financial commentary site,, the top three accounts, ranged in order of yield, offer 2.4 per cent at […]