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Finding P2P Finance Can Cheer Manufacturers

The Financial Times reports (subscription required) that although the new year has hardly started, manufacturers are already expecting 2015 to be tough. The FT reports on falling confidence in the sector, partly because of diminshed expectations of the UK economy, with a significant downturn from the 70 per cent of manufacturers surveyed at the beginning […]

Money&Co. P2P Manufacturing Loan: 8% For Savers, Flexible Funds For Management

The Milturn Precision Engineering loan worked really well for lenders and borrower alike The borrowers’ side of Money&Co.’s peer-to-peer lending (P2P) operation is all about providing liquidity that allows UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be flexible and creative in their business dealings. The lending side of that self-same equation means that lenders to […]

Companies Still Scared Of Borrowing To Grow, Post-Credit Crunch

G The manufacturing sector is still a vital component of the UK’s economic recovery Britain has an illustrious industrial history, but the manufacturing sector’s contribution to gross deomestic product (GDP) has declined dramatically over the post-war years.  In 1948, manufacturing accounted for 41 per cent of our GDP according to the Office for National Statistics […]

Money&Co. – Crowdfunding Is Manufacturers’ Natural Partner

Mecmesin got £1m for manufacture of  stress-testing machinery Money&Co.’s oft-stated mission is to bring business and people together. Today, that mission takes a senior team, headed by CEO Nicola Horlick, to  the 2014 manufacturing and engineering exhibition in Kent. Nicola will be speaking at the conference, which is expected to attract 1,800 to 2,000 small […]

Crowd To Bring Cheaper, Faster Finance And Better Investor Returns

Either a borower or a lender be… Crowdfunding offers attractive prospects on both sides of the equation The Bank Holiday week end brings the close of another successful funding auction – £540,000 has been raised for engineering company, Milturn. Congratulations to the company and to its lenders. So what lies ahead? Specifically, what will autumn […]

Manufacturer Milturn Seeks Half Million

Movie industry and yachting opticals from Milturn West Midlands-based manufacturer Milturn is seeking £540,000 for a 48-month loan. Our credit-analysis team is suggesting an indicative yield of 8.3 per cent for the loan for this company, which has been given a B+ rating. Below, we reproduce the company’s own words, visible to registered users on […]

Borrower Robert Breaks From Banks

Robert: “We have great pedigree… Blue-chip customers.” Mecmesin, led by chairman Robert Oakley (above), is a Sussex-based family-owned business, founded in 1977. It has an annual turnover of more than £10 million, makes £1 million in annual profit, and provides employment for a workforce of160. Mecmesin makes force and torque testing equipment used to measure […]

Mecmesin’s £1m Loan Makes Manufacturing Waves

Manufacturing trade publication, The Manufacturer, is the latest publication to report Money&Co.’s landmark £1 million loan to Mecmesin.  The magazine reports that Mecmesin had previously sought funding from traditional banks but found that its limited ability to offer securities made this difficult. The Manufacturer cites Robert Oakley, chairman of Mecmesin, as saying that a crowdfunding […]