Monthly Archives: May 2020

Mainstream Finds AltFi Investment Tastes Sweet

Regular readers will be aware of our reporting on the way mainstream finance has invested – often rashly and prematurely – in the alternative finance sector. After a long period of difficulty, things appear to be turning round for publicly listed investment fund, Honeycomb Investment Trust. The fund has seen an increase in institutional investor […]

Future Fund Is Latest Attempt To Get Cash Through To SMEs

How are you doing? Nowadays, this question isn’t just a conversational gambit, but a genuine enquiry about health and well-being. Early indications point to a difficult future for SMEs in the post-Covid UK. There’s plenty of good intention from the government – but, of course, some might see good intentions as the paving stones on […]

Plans, Initiatives And Trillion-Euro Aspirations

We are currently living in a period of many initiatives and ideas, but few executed plans – and even fewer observable outcomes. The latest hope for dealing with the financial blight caused by Coroanvirus is a two trillion-euro ($2.2 trillion) plan for economic recovery, as floated by the European Commission, ahead of leaders’ talks on […]