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Plans, Initiatives And Trillion-Euro Aspirations

We are currently living in a period of many initiatives and ideas, but few executed plans – and even fewer observable outcomes. The latest hope for dealing with the financial blight caused by Coroanvirus is a two trillion-euro ($2.2 trillion) plan for economic recovery, as floated by the European Commission, ahead of leaders’ talks on […]

Cambridge Judge Produces Benchmark Report On Pre-Virus AltFi World

Regular readers will be aware that the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), part of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, is a friend of Money&Co. Here’s just one of our recent reports on an institution we consider the leading source of data and analysis in the alternative finance industry. The CCAF has published the single most […]

Jury Out On Government Loan Scheme – Plus A+ Offer Latest

We’re politically agnostic here at Money&Co. – our only concern is finding high-quality borrowing companies to bring together with lenders seeking good returns on capital – so we try to let the facts speak for themselves. UK banks have now lent £453m through the government’s coronavirus business loans scheme as it picks up following an […]