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FinTech’s Talking About A New Way Of Working – Plus Loan Latest

Amid all the dark prognostications surrounding Covid-19, the news surrounding the FinTech sector is relatively good. Certainly, for cloud-based businesses such as Money&Co., it’s been relatively easy to find a new way of working. Our friends at UK TechNews report on a different way of doing business in the sector: The “new normal” is a […]

FinTech – A New Age Of Collaboration (Or Maybe Acquisition) Ahead

Cynics might file this one under: “Believe it when I see it.” This latest governmental initiative might work, but we expect more of the same – FinTech acquisitions by mainstream banks when they like the look of the asset prices. Finextra carries the story: Some of the UK’s biggest banks have signed a government-backed pledge […]

FinTech’s Direct Lenders Head For Property Backing

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of our vision for the direct-lending sub-sector of FinTech. Property-backed and niche, asset-backed lending (eg, against music rights) is the way forward. Our friends at UKTech News report an interesting deal that ticks one of our preferred boxes: Offr, the prop-tech platform digitising the buying, selling and leasing […]

Doom, Gloom or Boom? Latest Survey Forecasts Sunny FinTech Future

In the current climate of hyper-vigilance, many commentators note a couple of data points and then extrapolate wild conclusions: an uptick means all is well, a bad moment indicates a gloomy end. A more measured approach comes from Accenture – whose full survey of contemporary FinTech health is well worth a read. Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, FinTech […]

FinTech International Finance Management Service Breaks New Ground

Politicians seem to be doing their best to put up barriers to international trade, but the innovators in the FinTech sector are having none of it. He latest example of fearless buccaneering across national borders comes from a former member of the fast-expanding international challenger bank, Revolut. The newly launched Sync. looks like an interesting […]

A Touch Of (AltFi) Frost: New Manchester FinTech

Mainstream finance has spent a long time coming in the direction of altfi. Now the traffic is definitely two-way. AltFi reports an innovation from a Manchester-based lawyer, who’s heading for the banking space: The founder of a Manchester-based law firm is gearing up for a rollout of a digital bank next year, after the law […]

FinTechs And Furloughs: Business As Usual Beckons (For Some)

One of our favourite media epithets is “tight-lipped”, a synonym for “no comment”. Our friends at AltFi showcase a fine example: UK fintechs are remaining tight-lipped on whether they will take up the government’s offer of thousands of pounds for returning furloughed workers to their jobs. The government’s job retention bonus scheme pays businesses £1,000 for […]

FinTech Sector Has $825M Funding Gap To Fill

The FinTech sector’s start-ups will need to raise £825m to see out the Covid-19 pandemic, according to KPMG’s new research report. KPMG takes a look at the leeway – the cash safety belt – it believes companies will need in times of low activity. Our friends at P2P Finance News take up the story. The […]

New European FinTech Association Launched

A group of some of Europe’s largest FinTechs has joined forces to create and launch a new non-profit organisation, the European Fintech Association (EFA), according to our friends at AltFi. We have a couple of observations on this development. First, it will be interesting to see how the new group fits in with the ground […]