Monthly Archives: May 2017

Pre-Election Figures You Can Rely On: 9% Average Gross Yield, £10m Loan Volume

Welcome back to our users and readers for the “summer term”, pre-election madness and all. In a world where very few (well, few politicians, at least) seem sure of their numbers, we offer some more reliable figures below: amount of loan facilitated, and average gross return achieved by Money&Co. lenders, for a start. On a […]

Survey Shows Lenders Still Lack Trust In FinTech

Today we continue our recent theme of awareness and trust in alternative finance and financial technology (aka, FinTech). HSBC, a mainstream bank,recently carried out a survey of over 12,000 consumers across 11 countries. P2P Finance News reports that “the global bank found that consumers are twice as likely to trust artificial intelligence to carry out heart surgery […]

P2P Tips, Facts – And Levels Of Awareness

Levels of awareness of and trust in alternative finance need to rise, as we reported yesterday. We bring together small companies seeking funds to grow with individual lenders seeking good returns on their capital. But recent research shows that small companies, who often don’t like banks, still don’t seriously consider alternative sources of finance, such […]

Pace Of AltFi M&A ‘Will Increase’ – Plus Loan Latest

The pace of mergers and acquisitions between alternative finance providers “will increase as economies of scale are needed to create a viable business”, according to a report in Bridging & Commercial. “The comment follows a number of acquisitions between alternative finance providers.  Since the start of the year, RateSetter, Close Brothers and 1pm have expanded their services by acquiring specialist […]

P2P The Antidote To ‘Toxic’ High Inflation, Low Deposit Rates

P2P Finance News reports on a “toxic combination” of rising inflation and low cash-deposit rates for savers. Recent statistics show retail price inflation shooting up to 2.3 per cent. That outstrips the returns available from cash deposits. According to Money Facts, the best instant-access deposit account pays just 1.1 per cent. To get a return […]

Death Of Mainstream Banking? We Couldn’t Possibly Comment…

Mark Twain famously claimed that reports of his death were exaggerated. And we have to say that it is at least premature to suggest that the traditional banking model defunct? Nevertheless, The Market mogul asks whether “the main lending banks set for a headlong retreat from the SME banking market… “It is claimed that 74% of […]

Time To ‘Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’ For Cash Deposit Savers…

It’s time to “wake up and smell the coffee” for investors and savers, according to a report from our friends at P2P Finance News. A recent article (from which we run an extended excerpt below) reports on troubling times for income-dependent savers: “Savers are being urged to “wake up and smell the coffee” as inflation hit […]