Monthly Archives: July 2021

CBDCs And The Mainstream’s Attempt To Control Cryptos

Here’s a first take on the fast-growing central bank digital currency market, as the mainstream tries to compete with and subsume cryptocurrencies within the established system. Baroness Susan Kramer, former LibDem Treasury spokesperson, notes the growth of CBDCs and argues that “there’s a gathering momentum behind fiat digital currencies. China is among the leading countries […]

Cryptos March On, Amid Warnings To US Senate

The march of the cryptocurrencies, monitored and reported regularly in this News section, is relentless. Our Friends at Finextra report the latest: Zodia Custody, a digital asset joint venture operation between Standard Chartered and Northern Trust, has received regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and is now providing commercial services to clients as a […]

CBDCs Move Forward As Crypto Competitor

As regular visitors to our News section will be aware, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a coming thing. Cynics would say CBDCs are merely a way of distracting consumers from investing in true cryptocurrencies. CBDCs are digital, but not crypto – since they are controlled by central banks. However, they are soon to be […]

Still Getting Away With Great Savings Robbery

Savers have had a miserable few years. We have characterised this period of very low yields on deposit accounts as the Great Savings Robbery. Little is changing in this respect, as our friends at Altfi report: Digital banking service Revolut today announced it’s introducing interest rates on savings vaults for its non-fee paying customers. The fintech is […]

VC Investors Make FinTech Play

Is there gold in the digital hills? Some of the smartest (some might say “most avaricious”) minds aroundk seem to think so. Our friends at Altfi report on the rush to invest in the FinTech sector: Two of the UK’s most prolific venture capital firms, Index Ventures and Dawn Capital, both announced funding rounds yesterday as they […]

Altfi Sector Benefits From Covid Cash

The UK government has, quite rightly, been throwing money at the UK economy and its financial sector to ameliorate the drastic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our friends at Finextra report on the latest twist in this particular monetary tale: Starling Bank, Virgin Money and TSB are to be the beneficiaries of a £29.6 million […]

Another Long, Hard Look at Cryptos In Wake Of Shock Departures

As a follow-up to yesterday’s story of high-profile departures in the world of cryptocurrencies, we note another comment from a member of the legendary Kroll agency,  run by our friends at The Fintech Times. Over time, and certainly in the past year, with good reason, cryptocurrency has changed by association from being a salacious method […]

High-Profile Departures Shock Crypto World – But Not The Market

There’s news of two departures for two different reasons in the cryptocurrency sector. One of the high-profile figures leaving is a co-founder of Dogecoin – founded as a joke and subsequently ramped high by Elon Musk (Why? Perhaps simplybecause, with his millions of social-media followers, he could…). The shock waves of the abrupt resignations are […]