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FinTech Players Face Chilly Winter If Rates Go Negative – Plus Loan Latest

Some major financial institutions (Coutts Bank, for example) have indicated they will not apply negative interest rates, should the Bank of England go that way, to deposit accounts. Others are not so clear What would the fallout be – especially for the alternative finance sector and its players? The Fintech Times looks at the potential […]

Business Future Still Uncertain – Initiatives And ‘Oven-Ready’ Deals Notwithstanding

As the UK heads towards the European Union exit door, a number of government initiatives to facilitate trade appear. Without a high-level trade deal – the one that was supposed to be “oven-ready” would be just fine – one wonders how useful these initiatives will prove to be. The Fintech Times reports the latest: Department […]

We’re Watching The Watchers: Behavioural Biometrics, The New Identity?

The surveillance society has well and truly arrived. Discounting the UK government’s embarrassing attempts to find traction for its track-and-trace app, the evidence is that our future is to be watched and identified by what we do, whether we like it or not. Witness this piece in the trade press: “Behavioural biometrics” – the way […]

FinTech Backlash To Emergency SME Funding Measures ‘Tempered’

Our friends at the Fintech Times report on the evolving reaction to some very hastily, albeit well-intentioned, attempts to throw money at Britain’s stricken business sector, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in most need. Regular readers of this News section will know that our concern is that money, unlike mud, does not stick if […]

Challenger Banks Still Playing Secondary Role In SME Funding

The FinTech Times comes up with what must be, even on a Monda, winner of the dodgy metaphor of the week award. It runs an article on challenger banks, seen by the writer as the eternal “mistresses” of finance. There’s useful information here, nevertheless. We run an excerpt below, with the full article available here. […]