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FinTechs Find Tech Revolution Tough Going – Plus Loan Latest

Perhaps the financial mainstream isn’t alone in struggling to keep up with the pace of change in the FinTech revolution. Our friends at The Fintech Times report: 48% of fintechs’ data security is struggling to keep pace with innovation and digital transformation; a new report by Veritas Technologies has found. In the accelerated switch to meet the […]

Cryptos Are Here, There, Everywhere… Including Messi’s Pay Packet

Cryptocurrencies are here, there and soon to be everywhere, as todays’ two news items demonstrate. The Fintech Times offers a crypto-scam update: A poll by European law firm Fieldfisher revealed over 93% of businesses are uncertain or have no idea what to do if they fall victim to cyber fraud. Lack of preparedness for responding to cyber […]

Another Long, Hard Look at Cryptos In Wake Of Shock Departures

As a follow-up to yesterday’s story of high-profile departures in the world of cryptocurrencies, we note another comment from a member of the legendary Kroll agency,  run by our friends at The Fintech Times. Over time, and certainly in the past year, with good reason, cryptocurrency has changed by association from being a salacious method […]

FinTech Players Face Chilly Winter If Rates Go Negative – Plus Loan Latest

Some major financial institutions (Coutts Bank, for example) have indicated they will not apply negative interest rates, should the Bank of England go that way, to deposit accounts. Others are not so clear What would the fallout be – especially for the alternative finance sector and its players? The Fintech Times looks at the potential […]

Business Future Still Uncertain – Initiatives And ‘Oven-Ready’ Deals Notwithstanding

As the UK heads towards the European Union exit door, a number of government initiatives to facilitate trade appear. Without a high-level trade deal – the one that was supposed to be “oven-ready” would be just fine – one wonders how useful these initiatives will prove to be. The Fintech Times reports the latest: Department […]