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Survey Predicts £12 Billion UK Alternative Finance Boom

Businesswire reports a survey that reveals some startling findings. “FiServ, a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, announced today that U.K. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are likely to benefit from the substantial projected growth of alternate sources of funding such as peer-to-business (P2B) lending and crowd-funding over the next five years. This […]

Ready, Set… Start-up! P2P A Key To SME Success

Start-up businesses are, according to our friends at, “often frustrated at the overly cautious, risk averse attitude from many mainstream business finance sources.” The site has just published a piece in which it lists “five reasons why P2P lending is the fastest-growing branch of the alternative finance sector. We offer a lightly edited excerpt […]

British Influence Takes Alternative Funding Out To Lunch

We’re delighted to welcome British Influence (BI) to the conference on alternative solutions to small business funding and investing. Sponsored by leading law firm, Cubism Law, and co-sponsored by Money&Co., equity platform VentureFounders, P2P lenders Archover, data company Crowdnetic, and campaign group British Influence. The day-long conference will focus on how small and medium-sized companies […]

P2P: Of Borrowers, Barbers And Beer – Plus Conference Latest

Today, as promised, we run the second part of accountant Mandy Mitten’s appraisal of the state of the peer-to-peer crowdfunding loan market, as published in Bytestart. “Since 2014, the industry has seen regulation by the FCA. Lending companies must adhere to Principles for Business, preparations must be in place in case any platform should go […]

Finding Funds For SMEs – And Returns For Lenders

In the run-up to October’s alternative-finance conference “Alternative Funding: Old Problems, New Solutions” the article below caught our eye. Publicised on the platform Bytestart, the first extract deals with the problem of funding for small and medium-sized enterprises head-on. “Young businesses and start-ups that are looking to raise funding have a dizzying array of choices […]

Debt and Equity Crowd Will “Significantly Shake” Banks

Equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, aka debt crowdfunding, are set to “significantly shake up the banking market”, according to a survey of leading figures in the international financial services industry. The Daily Record reports: “A survey of 200 global conference delegates from 40 countries attending the recent University of Edinburgh Business School’s Credit Risk and Credit […]

Prosperity For SMEs in Europe – British Influence Conference Feature

Staying in the European Union and completing the single market will benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and help create thousands of jobs. This was the message delivered by Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick at the launch of the Prosperity Forum, the business voice of the British Influence (BI) lobby group. BI is a pro-European group, […]

French Crowd Grows – Plus New Solutions Alt Fi Conference Latest

We’re waiting for new statistics on crowdfunding growth in the UK, but can offer the latest from the other side of the Channel. France’s crowdfunding market has doubled in size, but is still dwarfed by its UK equivalent, report our friends at Crowdfundinsider. “The French national association of crowdfunding platforms has released the sector’s market numbers […]

Keeping The Crowd In Crowdfunding – Plus Conference Latest

Some platforms have more of a crowd in their crowdfunding mix than others. This article by Ryan Weeks, editor of Alt Fi, is instructive: “In August, we discovered that it had been three months since RateSetter had issued a loan without the protection of the provision fund attached – or, in other words, three months […]