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Debt V Equity – The Alternative Finance Debate Reprised

Following the recent conference, Alternative Finance: New Solutions To Old Problems, which Money&Co. co-sponsored, Alt Fi invited us to reprise the highlights of the day. Here’s some of what we came up with: “The event was sponsored by Cubism Law and a host of leading players in the alternative finance sector, including Money&Co., the P2P […]

P2P: Of Borrowers, Barbers And Beer – Plus Conference Latest

Today, as promised, we run the second part of accountant Mandy Mitten’s appraisal of the state of the peer-to-peer crowdfunding loan market, as published in Bytestart. “Since 2014, the industry has seen regulation by the FCA. Lending companies must adhere to Principles for Business, preparations must be in place in case any platform should go […]

French Crowd Grows – Plus New Solutions Alt Fi Conference Latest

We’re waiting for new statistics on crowdfunding growth in the UK, but can offer the latest from the other side of the Channel. France’s crowdfunding market has doubled in size, but is still dwarfed by its UK equivalent, report our friends at Crowdfundinsider. “The French national association of crowdfunding platforms has released the sector’s market numbers […]