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These ISAs ‘Can Offer 5-10%’ – Balancing Top Rates And Risk

The Daily Express offers a good review of the rewards and the risks of Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Money&Co. is very active in this sector, and the newspaper quotes CEO Nicola Horlick, who says our 7 per cent target-yield Innovative Finance ISA “offers savers relief after years of near zero interest rates. “You […]

Stocks vs P2P Loan Risk, Cryptocurrencies And More…

Here’s the good news. Review the savings market and the best return comes from peer-to-peer (P2P) loans (certainly higher yielding than cash). But is the good review justified? You have to understand the risks before investing. We’re delighted to offer a guest blog from the excellent Business Cloud and its equally excellent editor, Chris Maguire, […]

P2P Lending ‘An Awful Lot Safer’ Than Stocks – Plus 8% Loan Latest

Investment experts review the market all the time. We have some pretty good expertise at Money&Co., with our CEO, Nicola Horlick to the fore here. Her review of Money&Co. peer-to-peer (P2P) lending offers good news – her appraisal of stocks and shares, less so. See below a quite from a recent interview she gave. “We’ve […]