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Platform Loans – Survival Of The Fittest

The latter part of 2019 has seen, quite rightly, a greater focus on the regulation of process and enhancing transparency requirements in the sector following the failure of peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms such as Lendy. Lendy’s failure was linked – completely unfairly – with a number of problems experienced by investors in unregulated investments, notably mini-bonds. […]

Season’s Greetings From All Of Us Here At Money&Co.

It’s been an exciting year. The platform-lending sub-sector of alternative finance has had its trials and tribulations, with the failure of a number of platforms and the instigation of an overdue and much-needed new regulatory system. The weaker players will fall by the wayside, and this will offer better certainty and greater protection for lenders. […]

European Harmony In FinTech Is (Sadly) Too Late – Plus Loan Latest

Crowdfunding harmonisation in Europe is finally here. The publication of the new regulatory structure has been keenly anticipated. Our feeling, however, is that it’s all a little too late. The UK, easily Europe’s biggest crowdfunding market, is on its way out of the EU. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: According to a notice published by […]

High-Yield Managed Portfolio Service Revisited – Plus Loan Latest

Today, we offer a reminder of the attractions of our managed portfolio service, where all the loans are selected for subscribers committing £100,000. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio Service have access to loans with a typical fixed return of 7%, without the need to manage a portfolio of loans. You will receive a quarterly statement […]

If Music Be The Food Of Love – Give Me 6% (Plus Libor) On It

It’s early days, but our friends at P2P Finance News have got wind of an exciting new development here at Money&Co. Here’s an extract from their recent news item. MONEY&CO is planning to offer a new investment product that will provide loans to songwriters and artists secured on their music rights. The music loans proposition, […]

Platform Lending Is Here To Stay, Politics Notwithstanding – Plus Loan Latest

Our friends at P2P Finance News report on a matter we’ve been leaving to others, for obvious reasons: Money&Co.’s CEO Nicola Horlick’s political career, and her failure to be elected as an MP in last week’s General Election. Politics may be in turmoil, but it’s very much a steady state here. Horlick did at least […]

Platform Lending ‘Reflects Changing Investment Patterns’ – Plus Loan Latest

Regular visitors to this site that will be aware that we monitor and regularly report on the evolving relationship between platform lending and mainstream finance. The investment vehicles that rushed in early and took stakes in platform lenders at high valuations have had some tough times. There will be more ups and downs before this […]

Whatever The Election Result, Platform Lending Will Keep Calm And Carry On

As the country goes to the voting booths, the continuation of platform lending here is one of the few certainties. We’ll continue to bring individuals seeking a good return on capital together with carefully vetted small businesses seeking funds for growth. Platform lending can be a lucrative activity. The average yield achieved by our registered […]