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If Music Be The Food Of Love – Give Me 6% (Plus Libor) On It

It’s early days, but our friends at P2P Finance News have got wind of an exciting new development here at Money&Co. Here’s an extract from their recent news item. MONEY&CO is planning to offer a new investment product that will provide loans to songwriters and artists secured on their music rights. The music loans proposition, […]

Liquidity And The P2P Loan After-Market – Plus Loan Latest

Market liquidity – the availability of buyers if you want to divest yourself of a loan holding – is a side-issue of our recent short series of articles looking at investing in peer-to-peer loans via investment trusts. Investment trusts have had their problems, but they operate in a market where there’s pretty much always a […]

P2P Lenders Brush Brexit Uncertainties Aside

Politics is a messy business – and it’s certainly not our business. We engage in the often exciting and rewarding business of bringing individuals look for a good return on cash together with carefully vetted small and medium-sized companies looking for funds to fuel growth. Nevertheless, the topic of Brexit is inescapable, as this political […]

Crowdfunding To Make Its Own Market

The loan market helps our crowdfunding lenders connect to each other and trade loans In this week’s blog, Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick argues that our recently created loan market is a must for lenders. The loan market allows investors looking for the best returns by lending to companies to sell their loans to other registered […]

Crowdfunding Liquidity A Must For Lenders

Small business need more than occasional drips of credit One of the reasons people cite for not wanting to invest in unquoted securities, whether that is shares in private companies or loans to private companies, is the lack of liquidity. Everyone wants to know that if there is an unexpected financial event in their lives, […]

Sunday Times: Crowdfunding Helps “Cut Out The Middle Man”

Money&Co. recently featured in a column by  award-wining journalist Ian Cowie (pictured above) in The Sunday Times. “The serial entrepreneur Nicola Horlick tells me about an interesting way to offer investors better returns and small firms cheaper loans,” writes Mr Cowie. “Peer-to-peer lending – a bit like eBay for savers and borrowers – is growing […]