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We’re Back! Equity And Debt Compared – Plus Loan Latest

Hello again! We’re back after half a day offline for a technical overhaul. Thanks to readers, users, lenders, borrowers and visitors for your patience. Today, we revisit a familiar space. We often take a friendly peek over the other side of the crowdfuding fence at our equity-raising cousins.  Money&Co. does debt crowdfunding, which is the […]

Getting Through The Process Maze: Here’s How To ‘Do’ An ISA

Managing money does not come naturally to most people. It’s a finicky, often quite boring – and frequently mystifying – business. So we thought we’d try and answer a basic, very important question: How do you “do” an ISA (an Individual Savings Account)? The Money&Co. offering is an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) that can hold the […]

Disrupt? Collaborate? Just Keep The Crowd In Crowdfunding!

Today, we offer a view of the industry from our cousins across the Atlantic. Hedge-fund database, Hedgeco, runs a blog suggesting that Fintech is both disruptive and collaborative. “Instead of alternative finance trying to replace bank loans and venture capital, there is an emerging collaborative model where digital platforms are working alongside conventional investors. “Several […]

Keep Charges On The Leash! P2P IFISA Returns Must Not Be Blighted

Peer-to-peer (P2P) returns can be excellent. For risk-aware lenders looking for good returns on capital by lending to carefully vetted small-business borrowers, P2P is well worth a close look. The average gross return on loans facilitated by this site is just under 9 per cent (that’s 8 net – taking off our 1 per cent charge). […]

Clarity In Crowdfunding: Back To Basics

We welcome clarity. A simple idea, clearly expressed, is a beautiful thing. So we thought we’d revisit the basics, and clarify what it is that Money&Co. does. We bring people looking for a good return on their cash together with carefully vetted businesses seeking funds to grow. This is a sub-sector of what’s commonly termed […]

Early Investors Harvest More Income From IFISA Allowance

As the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending industry matures, so the quality of reporting and assessment improves. We thoroughly agree with the words below from Goji Insight – even if the site’s comparison base is very small (it does not include Money&Co., along with many others). Nevertheless, the point about the benefits of investing early is very well […]

More IFISA-Ready P2P Loan Offers – And Conference Revisited

Financial technology is the future, of that there’s no doubt. We’ve often written that peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending is slowly entering the mainstream of the financial world. It seems that the mainstream media is catching up with this news. For a daily news briefing on our P2P sector, see the crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd […]

More IFISA Offerings Available, As P2P AltFi Popularity Grows

Works Management is one of many media outlets to report the steady progress in understanding and acceptance of alternative financial sourcing of funds for small and medium-sized enterprises. At Money&Co., we put lenders seeking excellent returns on capital together with carefully vetted small businesses seeking funds for growth. It’s a simple idea, but nevertheless one […]

Regulation And Reporting Standards Are P2P Growth Issues

Our young industry is flourishing, and growing strongly. But with rapid growth come teething troubles – as peer-to-peer (P2P) business lenders seek a stable regulatory and reporting environment. P2P needs steady regulatory direction and reliable data to be fully recognised as a trustworthy asset class.   Our friends at FT Adviser report some concerns from […]

Back To Basics For P2P IFISA Investors – Plus New Loan Latest

Our most recent loan offerings closed yesterday, and lenders will shortly be drawing interest as the settlement process progresses. The launch of several new loan offerings – some secured on property – is imminent. Ahead of their arrival on the Money&Co. site, we thought we’d offer another reminder of the basics of crowdfunding and the mental […]