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New Loans Set Land: So Let’s Re-Examine Basics – Security, Access, Yield

It’s no secret that we’ve been lining up new loan offerings, and that these attractive, property-backed creatures will be landing imminently on site. It’s at such times that a moment of quiet reflection and reappraisal is essential. We believe at Money&Co. that the key factors of asset appraisal for any investor’s consideration are security, access […]

After General Election Storm, The Calm – P2P Crowdfunding Is Going Nowhere

Phew! The results are more or less in… As the great American satirist PJ O’Rourke wrote (the title of his latest tome)…  How The Hell Did This Happen? So it’s time, amid the political furore of what may be just the UK’s first UK General Election this year, to go back to basics. Business will continue. […]

Clarity In Crowdfunding: Back To Basics

We welcome clarity. A simple idea, clearly expressed, is a beautiful thing. So we thought we’d revisit the basics, and clarify what it is that Money&Co. does. We bring people looking for a good return on their cash together with carefully vetted businesses seeking funds to grow. This is a sub-sector of what’s commonly termed […]

Back To Basics For P2P IFISA Investors – Plus New Loan Latest

Our most recent loan offerings closed yesterday, and lenders will shortly be drawing interest as the settlement process progresses. The launch of several new loan offerings – some secured on property – is imminent. Ahead of their arrival on the Money&Co. site, we thought we’d offer another reminder of the basics of crowdfunding and the mental […]