Monthly Archives: October 2014

Flexible FCA Fuels Crowdfunding Innovation And Growth

Martin Wheatley of the Financial Conduct Authority These are exciting times. Crowdfunding continues to grow at a fast and increasingly rapid rate – and loan-based crowdfunding, of the kind we provide at Money&Co. – is geared to promote growth in the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. That is also good news for savers […]

Helen Archer: Does Being A Surrendered Wife Work?

When I was a child, Radio 4 was permanently on in the kitchen, and I still listen to it at every opportunity.  I have never been a great fan of the Archers, but it has been a constant in my life, despite the banal story lines. One of the current dramas in Ambridge involves Helen […]

Crowdfunding Seeks Perfect Balance On Security, Yield And Access

The UK government is currently consulting on regulation, NISAs and security for crowdfunded investments Every day yields new information about the fast-growing crowdfunding market. Witness this recent article in Forbes. “Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for innovation and we shouldn’t be satisfied with a government that wants to hold it back.” We couldn’t agree more. […]

Need Income? Look To Crowdfunding, Not Government

  If you’re hoping to harvest a decent yield on your capital, take a look at crowdfunding Looking for income? Well don’t look to the government for much help. Older savers, who typically need to make assets sweat and produce a good yield, “have been delivered a hammer blow”, according to the financial and investment […]

You Can Have 8% Returns – But You Can’t Have It All

“Work-life balance is vital – as is a good income” As a very successful and exciting week on the road draws to a close for the Money&Co. team, our friends at AOL online profile CEO Nicola Horlick. Nicola points out that as a career woman and mother, she has long held the belief that while […]

“Savers Left High And Dry” – Money&Co. In Bristol (And Huffington Post)

Word of mouth in a room full of wine – Hotel du Vin, Bristol, hosts today’s Money&Co. lunch We bring you today’s news from Bristol, where the Money&Co. marketing and communications team, led by CEO Nicola Horlick, is bringing its own message on crowdfunding to the South West. The day sees a series of events […]