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Crowdfundinsider On Women In Finance, Money&Co., And Nicola Horlick

Crowdfundinsider caught up with Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, at a recent crowdfunding conference. Below we offer an excerpt of the resulting feature, which focuses on women in finance and technology. “Thirty-two years after starting her career in London, Nicola Horlick is still often the only woman in the room. Although she notes that is not a […]

Helen Archer: Does Being A Surrendered Wife Work?

When I was a child, Radio 4 was permanently on in the kitchen, and I still listen to it at every opportunity.  I have never been a great fan of the Archers, but it has been a constant in my life, despite the banal story lines. One of the current dramas in Ambridge involves Helen […]

The Lost Fertility Debate – Are We Freezing Women Out?

Egg freezing – “a truly bizarre employee benefit” How do business-owners and managers decide what employee benefits to offer?  This week, Apple and Facebook told the world that they were offering $20,000 to female employees who wanted to freeze their eggs.  This is a truly bizarre employee benefit and is not one that I would […]

Inspirational Acclaim For Crowdfunder Women

Emma Sinclair, co-founder of Enterprise Jungle, was among the inspirational… A small team from Money&Co. was delighted to attend last night’s event for inspirational buinesswomen at Mulberry’s beautifully appointed Bond  Street offices in London’s West End. As trade journal Alt Fi reports, “of the 30 entrepreneurial thought-leaders that make up the show case, 10 per […]

Crowdfunding Loans Update: Higher Yields, More On Way

Mar-Key indicative loan yield is currently running at eight per cent There is a whole series of new loan offerings waiting to come on site – and just 21 days to go before the scheduled close of the currently available Mar-Key Group auction. This A-rated company manufactures and installs large-structure marquees for major events, weddings […]