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Open For Business – New Offering From A Regular Borrower

We offer a warm welcome to a returning borrower with an impeccable payment record, Mar-Key Group. The company, in its own words, “designs, manufactures and delivers impressive temporary structures to the events, industrial and commercial industries throughout the UK and beyond. Mar-Key is a privately-owned British company based in Bournemouth, Dorset working through-out the UK […]

Bountiful Borrower Pipeline – And Treasure Trove – Ahead

Credit analyst Toby Furnivall, left, speaking at a Money&Co. breakfast earlier this year As a peer-to-peer (P2P) loan-based crowdfunder, Money&Co.’s business model will be familiar to regular visitors to the site: We bring people together with businesses. After yesterday’s look at a lenders’ breakfast, today we bring news of the borrowers’ side of the equation. […]

Feeding The Crowd – More Coffee Cakes and Credit Analysis

The latest breakfast at Bruton Place was a well-attended and engaging event Money&Co. hosted its latest breakfast at our Bruton Place offices yesterday. The heady mix of, cakes, coffee and credit analysis made fort an engaging discussion. “We’ve done a few of these breakfasts in London and around the country, and they’re consistently worthwhile events […]

Crowdfunding Savers – No “Terrifying Possibility” Just “Decent Rates”

Geeting our point across – Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick spreads the word on crowdfunding  The message is clear: low interest rates are creating huge problems for savers and investors dependent on deposit account yields (as reported here earlier). People dependent on income from annuities (fixed-income instruments that used to be an automatic accompaniment of a […]

Money&Co. Breakfast: Lenders Get Coffee, Croissants, And New Levels Of Awareness

Lenders leaving our Bruton Place offices after coffee, croissants and credit analysis This week’s lenders’ breakfast at Money&Co.’s Mayfair offices was an engaged and engaging affair. The senior members of the Money&Co. team were all there. CEO Nicola Horlick gave a short talk about our business – using state-of-the-art technology to create funding for our […]