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Borrowing And Lending in P2P – Plus 9% Yield Loan Latest

Today, we look at borrowers and lenders in the world of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. This part of the alternative finance world is all about bringing lenders seeking excellent returns on capital together carefully vetted small companies seeking funds to grow. Our friends at P2P Finance News report that banks are not helping too much on […]

Latest Guide To P2P Borrowing For SMEs

As a new series of loan offers taxis up the launch runway, we look at the process of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending from a borrower’s perspective. The sector is expanding all the time, but many small companies still don’t know of the availability and efficiency of alternatively sourced funding. With thanks to our friends at Alternative Business Funding, […]

SME Borrowing: The Crowdfunders’ Balancing Act

Lending to small businesses via the mechanism of crowdfunding is a balancing act. Each platform has to balance the advent of new borrowers on site with the liquidity available from existing or potential lenders. Today, we take a look at the borrowing side, with the help of an interesting blog run by specialist small-business site, SMEWeb. […]

Whisper It Gently: The Crowdfunding Word Is Spreading

Frustration is a word heard all too frequently in the process of financing small businesses. Survey after survey demonstrates that small businesses are frustrated by slow-moving traditional lenders. And alternative finance providers and facilitators, such as Money&Co., are upset by our seeming inability to get the message across that there is an alternative. However, we […]

Latest Auction Closing Soon

Money&Co.’s latest loan offering closes tomorrow at 17:00. This A-rated, three-year loan of over £121,000 is being sought by an independent adviser looking to use the funds to expand. At the time of writing the offering has a current average gross yield of 8.5 per cent. How auctions work The offer is 100 per cent […]

SMEs Must Invest – And Borrowing Is Best

Following the credit crunch, debt has become a bit of dirty word and many UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are now classed as permanent non-borrowers. Given that productivity is a big problem in the UK, this suggests that there has been a lack of investment by British companies and this is partially due to […]

How Do Borrowers Work Out Which Funding Sources Are Best?

Following yesterday’s look at how lenders might examine a loan offering, we take a look at the crowdfunding peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending process from the borrower’s perspective. We have what’s proving to be a very attractive loan offering on the Money&Co. site just now (see detail and also risk warnings, below). Let’s examine the issues […]

Baby Boomer? Gen-Xer? Time To Get With The Crowd

Following rapidly in the slipstream of the high-profile initial public offering (IPO) of Lending Club last week, this week saw the IPO of OnDeck Capital. OnDeck, which, Like Lending Club, is positioned as a P2P lender, raised $200 million. “A wealth of non-traditional alternatives have popped up online over the last eight years,” reports CNN […]