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Negative Deposit Rates Pile On Misery For Income-Deprived Investors

We hate to say it, but we told you so. Negative deposit rates have finally arrived – albeit as a way of charging for forex transactions. The Daily Mail reports: Starling has become the first British bank to introduce negative interest rates for personal account customers, though only those who hold high balances in euros […]

Great Savings Robbery Revisited: Savers ‘Earning A Pittance’

It’s not just us talking about the Great Savings Robbery, even if others don’t use the same terminology. See this from the Daily Mail. Thousands of savers are earning a pittance on cash languishing in more than 1,400 closed easy-access accounts. Banks and building societies routinely launch accounts and withdraw old ones from sale. They […]

Income Investors To Wait ‘At Least’ Two Years For Rise – Plus 8% Yield Loan Latest

The Daily Mail is doing a very good job of being an investor champion for cash savers and investors. Bravo. Here’s the latest from that newspaper: “A little forewarning, most of this isn’t going to make pleasant reading… The interest on savings is closely aligned with the Bank of England’s base rate. This rate hit […]

Whisper It Gently: The Crowdfunding Word Is Spreading

Frustration is a word heard all too frequently in the process of financing small businesses. Survey after survey demonstrates that small businesses are frustrated by slow-moving traditional lenders. And alternative finance providers and facilitators, such as Money&Co., are upset by our seeming inability to get the message across that there is an alternative. However, we […]

Is P2P Good Or Bad? Depends How You Think…

To quote Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” So we should perhaps view the recent comments of the US investment bank, Morgan Stanley, with a slightly cocked head. The bank takes a very positive view of P2P in a recent Forbes article, which asks whether peer-to-peer (P2P) lending might […]

Daily Mail Redresses Balance On Crowdfund Scaremongering

We welcome Holly Black’s article in The Daily Mail today. It is a balanced piece on equity crowdfunding and bonds issued by companies looking for growth. It doesn’t address peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending – our sub-sector of the market – which is already the biggest and fastest-growing part of the crowdfunding universe. But that gives […]