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Alternative Finance’s Future Challenges

Since when does good news emerge from a car crash? The latest Money Matters blog argues that systemic failure in the banking stem is a bad thing, but good news might emerge from difficulties in the alternative finance sector as a young industry begins to mature. The views our personal to our head of communications […]

Good News And Bad News Will Emerge From Failures

In the second of a series of three blogs, Money&Co.’s head of communications and content, Martin Baker, makes more calls for 2015. His views are personal and do not necessarily represent the views of Money&Co.   Following the earlier blog with its five predictions, I have two specific calls to make on alternative finance, with […]

Ringing Out The Old, Ringing In The New

As the old year passes into the new, we’ll be bringing you the rest of our predictions for 2015. We have a lot of new, exciting deals in the pipeline, and the growing interest from individual and institutional investors will, we confidently expect, grow stronger in 2015. In the interim, let us reprise our mission: […]

Walking The Walk – Crowd To Get P2P NISAs, Eventually

As we head for 2015, the direction of travel for crowdfunding is clear. No-one can fault the government for a lack of enthusiasm for what we do at Money&Co. – we operate in the peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending sub-sector of crowdfunding. This autumn, David Gauke, financial secretary to the Treasury, was quoted in the Financial […]

Traditional Savings Rates Continue To Fall – But There Is An Alternative

Interest on fixed-rate deals continues to fall as banks and building societies keep top-paying accounts for new savers, according to a recent report in the Mail on Sunday. This represents grim news for savers and investors seeking for good returns on their capital. So here’s something to ponder, perhaps over a festive glass. “The top […]

Crowdfunding Calls For 2015 – Part I

Please see the latest Money Matters blog to read Money&Co. head of communications Martin Baker’s top five predictions for 2015. They are simple calls, using his experience as the former investment editor of the International Herald Tribune, associate editor of Sunday Business, and editor-in-chief of, back in the day… The predictions are based on […]

Merry Christmas An Opportunity To Reflect For Savers And Lenders

Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick, pictured above, has kicked us all out of the office in the name of festivities. But festive torpor notwithstanding, there’s a snippet of real news this Christmas time. It offers an opportunity for readers, users, borrowers and lenders to take stock of where they are. The Telegraph reports the arrival of […]

Alternative Finance: P2P Business Lending Comes Of Age

Here’s another interesting end-of-year opinion piece, carried by the media outlet, Financial Reporter. The writer offers evidence to support his view that new businesses are being created at record levels. It’s certainly true to say that funding is needed to fuel growth. Remember, as a lender you can fuel that growth on this platform – […]

P2P Lending To Go Mainstream With NISA Boost – FT

The Financial Times is the latest to report that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is going “mainstream”. Money&Co.’s mission for 2015 is to keep doing what we’re doing – bringing people and businesses together to provide excellent returns for lenders and growth capital for borrowers. P2P business lending, reports the FT (subscription required), “is one of the key […]