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Baby Boomers Look Askance At P2P Risk – Plus Loan Latest

Our friends at P2P Finance News report a lack of appetite for risk amongst baby boomers. Registered Money&Co. lenders have averaged a return of over 8 per cent since we began facilitating loans in 2014. The return is attractive – but, as we frequently stress, it’s very important to understand the risks that come with […]

P2P As A Viable Pension Asset – Plus Loan Latest

P2P Loans And SIPPS Today, we look at the often ignored attractions of peer-to-peer (P2p) loans as assets suitable for a self-administered pension plan (SIPP). Our friends at the SIPP Club feature Money&Co. this way – it’s all accurate, but since the publication of this, we’ve added many fixed-rate loans to the platform offerings. What […]

A Look At P2P Performance In Stormy Times – Plus Loan Latest

The performance of the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector in difficult times is a frequently visited topic. P2P Finance News is the latest visitor to this space. With credit conditions getting tougher, one of the ‘big three’ peer-to-peer lending platforms, Funding Circle, recently lowered its annual return projections. It should be noted that the ‘big three’ platforms […]

P2P Has History With Mainstream Investors – Plus Loan Offer Latest

We report regularly on the slow uptake of peer-to-peer (P2P) by the mainstream media. Part of the reason it’s taken a while for P2P loans to be recognised as an asset class is the difficult start experienced by some of the early adapters. P2P loans and/or platforms feature in the portfolios of some investment trusts. […]

New 8% Yield Property-Backed P2P Loan Lands – Plus IFISA Process Guide

We are pleased to announce the latest tranche of the Seascape offering has been released to market. The offer is for £250,000, with a fixed-rate yield of 8 per cent. The term of the loan of five years. Below we reproduce an extract of the borrowing company’s representations to lenders. While the offer has been […]

IFAs: Sound Advice Can Bring Better Returns In Uncertain Times

In many countries, financial products are sold through banks and there is a lack of independent advice.  In the UK, clients rely on Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and the fact that they are independent should mean that they seek out the best products for their clients, leading to better returns.  Many clients are financially unsophisticated […]

P2P Sector ‘Can Handle Stress Of Potential Downturn’ – Plus IFISA Guide

The resilience of the peer-to-peer lending sector in a downturn has been debated since the industry’s fruition, write our friends at P2P Finance News in a recent article. The piece goes on to reveal some happy, if perhaps surprising, news: “Funding Circle has claimed its loan book would hold up in a recession, after subjecting […]

European Equity Powers Ahead – Plus P2P 8% Yield Loan Latest

Let’s take a quick trip back to the world of equity crowdfunding. We regularly cover equity investment – which carries risk that is generally higher than P2P risk (there’s still a high failure rate amongst start-up companies). The upside is very different – and can be very attractive if the investee company takes off. We […]

Bankers Back Cryptocurrency – Plus P2P Loan Offer Update

Is this the opening of the floodgates? We’ve long been looking at the uses of cryptocurrencies and security tokens, as regularly reported on this site. We’ve also commented on the mixture of fear and envy demonstrated by mainstream finance when it looks at the crypto world. It’s common knowledge that the big banks have been […]