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P2P Sector ‘Can Handle Stress Of Potential Downturn’ – Plus IFISA Guide

The resilience of the peer-to-peer lending sector in a downturn has been debated since the industry’s fruition, write our friends at P2P Finance News in a recent article. The piece goes on to reveal some happy, if perhaps surprising, news: “Funding Circle has claimed its loan book would hold up in a recession, after subjecting […]

Stress Testing SMEs Is Silver Lining For P2P Lenders

The economic consequences of Brexit are beginning to be felt. Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick, has been taking soundings from economists and financial researchers. Her conclusion? “There is no doubt that the unexpected vote to leave in the referendum will cause economic weakness in the UK.” There is, however, a silver lining for lenders. Nicola believes […]

But What Happens If It All Goes Bang?

We’re proud of what we do at Money&Co. Getting people together with carefully vetted businesses – which provide excellent returns in exchange for the capital they need to grow – is something that serves everyone well. Lenders, borrowers and general prosperity (the commonwealth, with a small “c”) all win. But what if it all goes […]