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Banks Reap Trust Dividend – Plus Loan Latest

The pandemic does have a silver lining – albeit a very faint one. Trust in UK banks has risen over the past year, according to research conducted by our friends at AltFi. Despite the financial uncertainty prompted by the pandemic, across several different areas trust appears to be rising both in neo banks such as Monzo and Starling […]

FinTech And Alternative Finance ‘A Threat To Banks’

Consulting firm McKinsey has warned banks that FinTech start-ups are a threat to traditional banking’s profits, giving them a choice: fight them or join them, according to a recent report from CityA.M. “London’s fintech hubs are booming, with over 12,000 start-ups disrupting financial services with products that are often cheaper for customers. This poses a […]

FinTech: Today Lending, Tomorrow The World

Today, we bring you a trenchant piece on the future of finance from commentator, Philippe Gelis, writing in Chris Skinner’s Financial Services Club Blog. Those traditional banks that haven’t woken up to the ongoing revolution really should sit up and pay attention. “The financial industry is one of the last large industries that have not […]

Banks Rush To Join P2P Crowdfund Marketplace

It seems that everyone wants to join our sector of crowdfunding. Two of the world’s leading investment banks are looking at a move into the fast expanding peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector, also known as marketplace lending, and the space inhabited by Money&Co. Societe Generale and Goldman Sachs, prominent financial institutions both, are racing to embrace […]

Crowdfunded P2P Loans Promise An Excellent Year Ahead – Nicola Horlick

2015 is set to be a big year for businesses looking for capital and individuals looking for excellent returns, according to Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick. “The stage is set for strong growth in peer-to-peer (P2P) business loan crowdfunding,” she said. “That in turn means the prospect of strong growth for companies seeking the capital that […]

Power Of Crowd Still Betters Best Savings Rates

How are we doing? Back in the summer, just after Money&Co. launched, CEO Nicola Horlick wrote in Business First magazine that “if the banks aren’t going to do anything about [their failure to lend], then it is up to individuals to provide the capital that companies so badly need, and quite rightly they will expect […]

But What Happens If It All Goes Bang?

We’re proud of what we do at Money&Co. Getting people together with carefully vetted businesses – which provide excellent returns in exchange for the capital they need to grow – is something that serves everyone well. Lenders, borrowers and general prosperity (the commonwealth, with a small “c”) all win. But what if it all goes […]

Banks’ Scramble To Crowd Out P2P Loan Space

Today we have a guest Money Matters blog from crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd.   The UK arm of Santander Bank is aiming to launch an investment platform next year, which will include online guidance tools to help investors identify suitable funds without going to an adviser, according to a recent report in the Financial […]

Banking Identity Crisis Spurs Rush To Crowdfunding

Reducing and digitising the retail network – or just self-harming? Commercial and retail banks appear to be very good judges of character – they don’t even like themselves. It may well be that investment banks are as implacably steeped in self-love and the relentless pursuit of profit as ever they were. But their commercial and […]