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Borrower Robert Breaks From Banks

Robert: “We have great pedigree… Blue-chip customers.” Mecmesin, led by chairman Robert Oakley (above), is a Sussex-based family-owned business, founded in 1977. It has an annual turnover of more than £10 million, makes £1 million in annual profit, and provides employment for a workforce of160. Mecmesin makes force and torque testing equipment used to measure […]

Richard’s An Early-Bird Lender

Richard is what’s known as an early adopter. He was looking for a better return on his cash, and was drawn to crowdfunding and connecting with businesses almost as soon as he heard of the idea. “I like the whole concept of crowdfunding, and I think it will grow,” he says. “There are lots of […]

Jacob’s Coconut Capital Success

Jacob was having an “early mid-life crisis” when a drink of coconut water on an Asian beach set him on the path to founding Cocofina. For Jacob, that drink spoke of his home (Kerala in India, whence he hails, means “land of coconuts”, he says). Now, Cocofina has a diverse product range of coconut-based drinks […]