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British Business Bank Reports Thriving SME Market – Plus Loan Offer Latest

Whether a summer of discontent lies ahead or not, the immediate past has been pretty rosy for the small-business sector that Money&Co. and its cohorts serve. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: The British Business Bank has shared the results of its annual Small Business Equity Tracker and the numbers for 2021 appear pretty strong. The Equity Tracker uses data […]

Winter Is Coming For SMEs, Along With Brexit…

The UK’s SMEs fear the second wave of Covid-19 more than they fear Brexit. In our opinion, both are potentially devastating. Our friends at AltFi report: Almost half of British businesses fear the impact of the second wave of Coronavirus, more than they fear the impact of Brexit, according to new research commissioned Nucleus Commercial Finance.   […]

The SME Revolution In Debt And Equity Funding

We’re talking about a revolution. Well, Luke Davis, co-founder of Money&Co. and CEO of equity-raise specialist firm, IW Capital, is. Here, courtesy of our friends at Business Quarter, he looks at “the hugely important role alternative finance has in filling the finance gap left behind as banks withdrew their SME lending options. “Britain is on […]

P2P And Equity – Two Tracks To SME Growth

Today we bring you news from our colleagues on the equity side of the crowdfunding fence, a brief comparison between equity and debt financing (bringing small-company borrowers together with individual lenders so as to fund growth and provide good returns, known as peer-to-peer [P2P] business lending), and the latest on our current offering. Our friends […]

New Loan Offers Chance To Join Cafe Society

We’re delighted to announce that our loan pipeline has woken up – and is smelling the coffee. JFG Limited is the new borrower on site. The borrower describes itself as follows: “The business operates two coffee shops/cafes in prime locations in Sheffield and Mansfield. Both sites operate in modern shopping centres, which individually have footfall […]

Brexit Would Be Bad For Businesses, Big And Small

Today I take a look at big-picture economics and politics, and ask how it all affects the small and medium-sized enterprises whose funding Money&Co. facilitates by means of peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending. One of the great economic successes for the UK over the last twenty years has been the revival of the British car industry. […]

SME Alternative Funding Ignorance ‘Creates £20 Billion Economic Hole’

Greetings from Manchester, where Money&Co. has been making its presence felt at a dinner and subsequent breakfast attended by 100 entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Both events were convivial and useful. Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick spoke at each meeting: “There’s a real desire to do business and to get funding to do business in Manchester and […]

Problem Solving And Financing For SMEs Revisted

It was a real pleasure to help design the agenda for the recent conference, Alternative Finance: New Solutions To Old Problems. The event was sponsored by Cubism Law, which played a leading role in framing the terms of the conference. Following Cubism Law’s lead was a host of significant players in the alternative finance sector, […]