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Crowdfunding Growth Down To “Robber Banks”

Use online offerings to get H – E – L – P ! Nicola Horlick, Money&Co.’s CEO, blasts UK banks’ savings offering to investors. In the second instalment of her two-part blog, she highlights the “ Great Savings Robbery” – or “maybe we should rename the institutions Britain’s ‘Robber Banks’,” she adds. For details of […]

Nicola Horlick on the “Robber Banks”

Daylight robbery – on the high street! It’s no surprise that the crowdfunding is expanding so rapidly. Last week, I pointed out the shocking fact that by leaving money on deposit with banks and building societies, British savers and investors £57 billion a year worse off, because of lost interest. Call it “The Great Savings […]

Speedy Goncalo: SyndicateRoom Soars

Vasconcelos: fast growth in equity funding Money&Co. recently hosted a dinner for leading figures in the crowdfunding industry in Cambridge. Gonçalo de Vasconcelos was one of several compelling diners that night, and we are delighted to note that Gonçalo’s equity-funding platform is one of the fastest-growing in the UK, according to Tania Ziegler of crowdfunding […]

Crowdfunding: Risks and Rewards Reprised

  This is what used to be known in steam-age journalism as a “picture story”. It’s all about looking at the image – usually of an impossibly cute baby animal. In this case, it’s Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, whose blog comments were reprised in the Metro newspaper, distributed to commuters across the UK. The offers […]

Crowding Out The Banks

ShareIn offers equity investment – a different risk proposition The good news is that the crowdfunding market is not – forgive us – overcrowded. So Money&Co. is happy to welcome ShareIn, a new crowdfunding company that operates on the other side of the fence. At Money&Co., we offer loan-based crowdfunding, person-to-business (P2B) opportunities – a […]

Nicola Horlick Speaks On Finance’s New Horizons

Your Business ezine got wind of Nicola Horlick’s latest speaking engagement, aimed at the financial community and the exciting, innovative world of alternative finance. The Money&Co. CEO was the keynote speaker at FD Solutions’ finance seminar on 26th June. Money & Co. recently announced its first £1 million crowdfunding loan secured on behalf of a client. […]

Banks Business Lending Still “Sluggish” – City AM

The banks are still failing to produce the goods for UK business, according to a report in City AM: “Lending to businesses is rising sluggishly while the latest mortgage lending figures showed yesterday that the new regulatory efforts are helping to cool the growth of credit for housing. “Figures from the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) […]

UK Economy “At Risk From Debt-Shy Entrepreneurs” – ICAS

The growth potential of the UK economy is being put at risk by a generation of “debt-shy” entrepreneurs who are unwilling to borrow money or give control of their businesses to outsiders, according to a reort cited by the Financial Times (subscription required). A UK-wide study, commissioned by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, […]

“Online Start-Ups Usurp Banks” – FT

You’re a borrower? They’re talking to you… John Authers argues in the Financial Times (subscription required) that the long-lasting victim of the banking crisis of 2008 could be the banks themselves: “At a retail level, there is the growth in “crowdfunding” or peer-to-peer services. “Spurred by public distrust for conventional banks, and aided by ever stronger […]