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P2P Funds – AltFi, Moneyweek Report

Our friends at Money Week and Alt Fi  are running a series on mutual funds invested in peer-to-peer (P2P) loans. This is the first, and deals with performance, mandates, discount/surplus to NAV in some detail.    “Using numbers from investment trust analysts at Numis, we can clearly see from the various detailed tables below that […]

Crowdfunding: Risks and Rewards Reprised

  This is what used to be known in steam-age journalism as a “picture story”. It’s all about looking at the image – usually of an impossibly cute baby animal. In this case, it’s Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, whose blog comments were reprised in the Metro newspaper, distributed to commuters across the UK. The offers […]

MoneyWeek Feels Power of Crowd

Financial publisher MoneyWeek has just published its research into crowdfunding. Its report is unremittingly positive. This echoes our view that crowdfunding is the way forward for both lender and borrower. But readers are reminded that, exciting as P2B investment is, there are always risks for lenders – even after our rigorous credit analysis. MoneyWeek editorial […]