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Rise Of The Robots Can Be Good For P2P – Plus Loan Latest

The robots are coming. Maybe this is a good thing for lenders. Artificial intelligence (AI) could provide peer-to-peer lenders with greater lending security and less chance of defaults, according to a report by P2P Finance News. Nick Parham, technical pre-sales consultant at NashTech, said there is much P2P platforms can learn about AI from traditional […]

A Close Look At P2P Lending – Plus Latest On 8% And 9% Yield Loans

Here, as promised yesterday is the second part of the recent P2P Finance News profile interview with Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick. Why are some P2P lenders looking to obtain a banking licence?   Whilst P2P lenders are still receiving a high number of applications from potential borrowers, the difficulty is in finding quality borrowers. P2P […]

Alternative Ways To Invest In And To Leverage Property – Plus Loan Latest

What’s the best way to invest in property? With exorbitant prices across the UK making an outright purchase all but impossible for many first-time buyers, “alternative” channels are increasingly finding favour. Letting Agent Today claims that property crowdfunding is “the investment of choice” for millennials. “Shojin Property Partners claims to have seen a 20 per […]

Alternative Investments – Current Yields 8%, 9% – Head For Mainstream

What’s alternative as opposed to mainstream? Peer-to-peer (P2P) loan yielding 9 and 8 per cent (our current offerings) are certainly an alternative – providing you understand the relative risks involved – compared to cash deposit accounts. Our recent research shows the average cash return for ISA-linked accounts is just 1.03 per cent. Bear in mind, […]

Growing P2P Market Is Good News For All – Plus 9% Yield Latest

News reaches the marketplace, via our friends at P2P Finance News, of a peer-to-peer (P2P) loans hitting £9 billion in value. That figure merely accounts for the biggest payers in the P2P sector. Smaller, newer companies such as Money&Co. have facilitated smaller amounts (over £11 million in our case) and growth across the board looks […]

New B+ Loan Offer, 9% Yield, Looking Good To Lenders – Plus Other Loan News

News reaches us via our friends at P2P Finance News of more co-operation between Australia and the UK – where the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sectors have marked similarities – often with the same players involved. We have had some interesting news in that area ourselves. This is in part, as reported, because of “the Enhanced […]

Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow? New 9% Yield Loan Offer Lands On Site

Hair today – and it could be gone tomorrow for all we know! We’re pleased to report a new 9% yield loan offering. It’s risk-rated at B+. Elliotts Hair is a hairdressing business, based in the Midlands. The company is seeking £200,000, repayable over a five-year period. The purpose of the loan is to facilitate […]