Monthly Archives: September 2020

Market Moves In Quoted FinTech Sector – Plus Loan Latest

Regular readers will be aware that we monitor the progress – or otherwise – of major players in our own direct-lending sub-sector of FinTech. We offer the following extended excerpt of a news report from our friends at AltFi without further comment. Samir Desai, CEO and founder of listed lender Funding Circle, has purchased over 163,000 shares in the […]

Mainstream Investors Continue Focus On FinTech Sector

Mainstream investors are of course paying more and more attention to FinTech opportunities. As part of the continuing theme we offer an extract from entirely uncontroversial opinion piece in AltFi that cites classics, such as “exit routes” as being desirable. Home truths… Research from Innovate Finance shows that investment in UK fintech dropped by 39% in the […]

Latest Covid-19 CBILS Moves Help Calm Markets – Plus Loan Latest

The  ever-changing foment concerning Covid-19 continues. AltFi reports early developments regarding the CBILS extension, which has had a positive-to-neutral effect on the UK equity markets, at least. Back when the government first announced its financial aid package to help SMEs in March, it was first met with a sense of exasperation as it appeared fintechs and alternative lenders had been ignored. Fintechs were initially […]

Covid-19 Brings More SME Funding Uncertainty – Plus Loan Latest

The resurgence of the Covid-19 virus is causing mayhem on all fronts. The hotch-potch of government-backed schemes to aid small business – lots of different ideas distributed in a rather haphazard way – is right back with us. Or maybe there’s more order and sense to all this than first appears. You decide. Meanwhile, here’s […]

Latest FinTech Initiative Is Rolled Out – Plus Loan Offer Latest

The latest in a long stream of centralised initiatives – whose current and future success remains to be judged – is reported today by our friends at AltFi. We’re keeping a weather eye on the situation. More, assuredly, is to follow. Fintech industry body Tech Nation has today revealed the newest group of fintechs selected […]

The Risk Benefits Of Spreading Investment – Plus Loan Latest

A new loan offering from an established borrower is currently on site (see below). But that’s just one offering. It’s important to remember the risk-mitigation benefits of spreading risk… Diversification is one of the best ways of limiting risk. Our popular managed portfolio service is an efficient way of doing just that. Here’s a brief […]

FinTech’s Talking About A New Way Of Working – Plus Loan Latest

Amid all the dark prognostications surrounding Covid-19, the news surrounding the FinTech sector is relatively good. Certainly, for cloud-based businesses such as Money&Co., it’s been relatively easy to find a new way of working. Our friends at UK TechNews report on a different way of doing business in the sector: The “new normal” is a […]