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Covid-19 Brings More SME Funding Uncertainty – Plus Loan Latest

The resurgence of the Covid-19 virus is causing mayhem on all fronts. The hotch-potch of government-backed schemes to aid small business – lots of different ideas distributed in a rather haphazard way – is right back with us. Or maybe there’s more order and sense to all this than first appears. You decide. Meanwhile, here’s […]

SME Loan Credit Quality Hit By Pandemic

Here’s a tour of our horizon. Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, explains the future as she sees it to our friends at P2P Finance News: The coronavirus crunch has made it harder to find small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) loans that are “safe options” for peer-to-peer investors, Money&Co founder Nicola Horlick has said. Horlick, known as […]

Challenger Banks Still Playing Secondary Role In SME Funding

The FinTech Times comes up with what must be, even on a Monda, winner of the dodgy metaphor of the week award. It runs an article on challenger banks, seen by the writer as the eternal “mistresses” of finance. There’s useful information here, nevertheless. We run an excerpt below, with the full article available here. […]

Will Emergency Funding Leave Heavy SME Debt Legacy?

The dominant topic in the alternative finance sector is the government initiative to get funding to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). On the hand, as evidenced here in our News section (see various earlier stories), is the concern that funds are not getting through to the SMEs. On the other, the mainstream is now voicing […]

Future Fund Is Latest Attempt To Get Cash Through To SMEs

How are you doing? Nowadays, this question isn’t just a conversational gambit, but a genuine enquiry about health and well-being. Early indications point to a difficult future for SMEs in the post-Covid UK. There’s plenty of good intention from the government – but, of course, some might see good intentions as the paving stones on […]

European Commission Unveils SME Development Strategy

Wednesday’s News story  on the figures from British Bank underscores the difficulty governmental organisations have in stimulating small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). So perhaps the European Commission’s recently published “SME Strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe” should be read in this light. It looks to us a worthwhile strategy for a potentially massive marketplace. The […]

SMEs Still Not Making Most Of ‘Gift-Wrapped’ Funding Opportunity

One of the recurring themes of the alternative finance sector is the difficulty it has had in making a connection with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Yesterday, we brought you news of self-funding by many in the sector. Today, we offer an excerpt from a This is Money report on the limited success of the […]