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Challenger Bank’s Mainstream Move – Plus Loan Auction Latest

Starling Bank is in the process of moving from “challenger” bank to a major, mainstream player in the 21st Century’s banking sector. Our friends at Altfi chronicle the latest impressive moves from this quarter: Starling Bank has raised £130.5m from its existing investor base, as it looks to build a “war chest” for acquisitions. The challenger bank […]

Digital Banks Continue March Into Mainstream

Revolut and Starling are among the leaders of the “challenger” banks bringing the digital revolution to the mainstream. Regular Altfi visitors to our News site will be familiar with both banks. Our friends at Altfi bring news of the latest digital incursion into the mainstream. Nearly six months on from its acquisition of Fleet Mortgages for £50m, […]

The Ever-Narrowing Gap Between AltFi and Mainstream Finance

The convergence between the “alternative” finance and the mainstream continues apace. This snippet of product news, brought to us by our friends at Finextra, is indicative of the general theme. Starling Bank has released a new feature that enables customers to make specific recurring bill payments from an alloted ‘Saving Space’, separate from their main […]

‘Challenger’ Banks Throw Down Service Gauntlet To Mainstream

Challenger banks, as they were commonly known, are certainly developing their challenge to the mainstream. Witness the results of a new SME business service survey, as reported by our friends at Finextra. The UK’s Starling Bank has shot straight to the top of charts in the latest rankings of business banking services by the Competition […]

Altfi Sector Benefits From Covid Cash

The UK government has, quite rightly, been throwing money at the UK economy and its financial sector to ameliorate the drastic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our friends at Finextra report on the latest twist in this particular monetary tale: Starling Bank, Virgin Money and TSB are to be the beneficiaries of a £29.6 million […]

FinTech Banks Sustain Challenge To Mainstream – Plus Loan Latest

While the mainstream banks look to be – ay long last – pulling out of their decline, the challenger banks continue to challenge very successfully. The latest news comes from our friends at AltFi. Digital challenger Starling Bank maintained its hold in the final quarter of last year as one of the most switched-to UK banks of […]