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FinTech Banks Sustain Challenge To Mainstream – Plus Loan Latest

While the mainstream banks look to be – ay long last – pulling out of their decline, the challenger banks continue to challenge very successfully. The latest news comes from our friends at AltFi. Digital challenger Starling Bank maintained its hold in the final quarter of last year as one of the most switched-to UK banks of […]

Banking Faces Challenges In AltFi World Where Cash Is King

One way of challenging banking norms  –  an increasingly popular activity nowadays – is to offer cashback. Assuming cash remains popular, which is probable in the short term, this new development, reported by our friends at Crowdfundinsider, could have quite a radical effect across the alternative-finance sector: Upside Saving, a UK-based open-banking-marketing-platform connects Brands with […]

Challenger Banks Still Playing Secondary Role In SME Funding

The FinTech Times comes up with what must be, even on a Monda, winner of the dodgy metaphor of the week award. It runs an article on challenger banks, seen by the writer as the eternal “mistresses” of finance. There’s useful information here, nevertheless. We run an excerpt below, with the full article available here. […]

Challenger Banks Face Own Challenges – Plus Conference Day List

It’s not just us, you know. Trade journal, paymnts.com, is sharply critical of the new banks challenging the financial establishment: ” The U.K. is dominated by the so-called Big Five mainstream banks: Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Santander UK and HSBC. With their decline in SME lending following the financial crisis, the U.K. saw […]