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The Democratisation Of Finance Hits A New Level

The leading asset class so far this year? Irony, apparently… AltFi runs a leader that’s both pithy and witty. We have our own views on the democratisation of finance – specifically as manifested in tokens and digital currencies – and we’ll be bringing these to you in a series of blogs shortly. Meanwhile, read and […]

More IFISA-Ready P2P Loan Offers – And Conference Revisited

Financial technology is the future, of that there’s no doubt. We’ve often written that peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending is slowly entering the mainstream of the financial world. It seems that the mainstream media is catching up with this news. For a daily news briefing on our P2P sector, see the crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd […]

The Revolution In SME Funding Heads South West

The crowd is coming to the South West. September will see a conference of industry leaders in small-business funding, venture capital and alternative finance, including the two major forms of crowdfunding – peer-to-peer (P2P) debt, and equity. Co-sponsored by the South West’s top law firm, Foot Anstey, which will be hosting the event in its […]

UK SME Funding Set To Accelerate Away

A recent article in The Financial Times brings back fond memories of friends at Cambridge University, working in the technology and alternative finance sector. The feature centres on the funding and development of an ultra-automated kitchen. “Its success gives the lie to the widespread belief that the UK is bad at innovation or, at least, […]

Discovering The Power Of The Crowd Revisted

We’re going to run a series of short week-end features from the recent, highly successful Discovering The Power Of The Crowd conference. The conference covered how crowdfunding works for businesses as they grow. Starting with very young companies that need seed equity through to more mature businesses with higher valuations who will look to give […]

Crowdfunding, Conferencing, And A Series Of Exciting Events

Next week will see a host of business developments and news events. We have new loans in the pipeline from borrowing companies currently undergoing the final stages of our rigorous credit-analysis process. There’s plenty of news to come on the industrial front – that’s the industry of crowdfunding itself – but we cannot reveal just […]

Minimising ‘Cash Drag’ At Money&Co. Means Maximising Yield

Would it be rude to say: “Been there. Done that – ages ago?” A specialist finance media platform has swallowed a PR line from a peer-to-peer lender, which “has introduced a new range of industry-leading withdrawal options to make investors’ money work more efficiently… “Investors will be able to arrange to receive a monthly income and […]

‘No Shadows in P2P’ – Zopa Founder in Crowdfundinsider

Crowdfunding is such a young industry that the names for the things we do aren’t properly established. A common mistake is to confuse equity raises for the whole of crowdfunding. At Money&Co., we bring businesses together with people, via our high-tech platform. Lenders can get excellent returns on capital, and businesses receive the money they […]

Money&Co. To Spread Crowdfunding Word To The Regions

Insider Media reports on an innovative regional project, as equity crowdfunder Seedrs seesk to spread the word to the regions. “Crowdfunding platform Seedrs and Newport-based Impact Innovation will partner with the Welsh Government on a new £20m, six-year business support programme aimed at high growth companies,” reports IM. “The Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) is backed […]

‘£230 Billion’ P2P Market Awash With Exciting Opportunities

This Is Money, the personal finance platform, runs an interesting piece on what it calls the person-to-person marketplace, which it anticipates will be worth £230 billion in a decade. This general article is well worth a read. It looks at the way technology allows us all to be better connected, and examines the economic efficiencies […]