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Millennial Investors’ Appetite For Equity – Plus P2P Loan Latest

We’re pleased by the demand for the latest webuyanyhome,com loan offering on site. We’ll let the demand speak for itself (subject to risk warnings, see below). But today we take a peak over the crowdfunding fence at equity investment, where Proactive Investors report encouraging news via research commissioned by leading equity platform, SyndicateRoom. SyndicateRoom’s CEO, […]

Equity Crowdfunding’s Teething Problems – Plus Loan Latest

The crowdfunding industry is maturing. Insider Media reports the first exit from a start-up for which our friends at SyndicateRoom raised cash. This is the first “exit” for one of Syndicate Room’s companies: “A Cambridge-based medical technology platform whose products are designed to address the fear of needles has been acquired by a US manufacturer providing […]

Equity Risk – Compared And Contrasted With P2P – Suits UK Investors

Our friends at FinExtra are among many reporting on a consumer-research report published by equity platform, SyndicateRoom. This survey, of 3,100 people is called Bridging the Equity Divide, and SyndicateRoom concludes that the results show a strong appetite for wealth creation amongst UK investors. Some 53 per cent of respondents believe that equity investment would […]

Discovering The Power Of The Crowd Revisted

We’re going to run a series of short week-end features from the recent, highly successful Discovering The Power Of The Crowd conference. The conference covered how crowdfunding works for businesses as they grow. Starting with very young companies that need seed equity through to more mature businesses with higher valuations who will look to give […]

Crowdfunders Go Mainstream With IPO

The new year begins with signs of the convergence of old and new in finance. The first crowdfunded real-estate venture has floated successfully on AIM, the UK’s secondary equity market. Real-estate backed crowdfunders are our distant cousins. At Money&Co. we bring people together with business. Individuals can get excellent returns on their capital, and borrowing […]