Monthly Archives: May 2022

Open Banking Or Free-For-All? CMA Latest

Like all the best problems, a simple answer demands complex thinking. Open Banking, with its opening up of data paths, seems such a good idea. The difficulty is how to stop it becoming a free-for-all. The Fintech Times reports on some of the early successes and failures as the mainstream and alternative-finance players seek to […]

Covid-Loan Allegations Rock FinTech Sector

Today we bring news of an astonishing outburst. The general, industry-wide problem regarding Covid loans certainly appears to be real enough. But the specific allegations here are truly shocking. Altfi reports: Starling Bank is reeling from accusations from former Conservative minister Lord Agnew that the bank used the Government’s Covid loan scheme as a “God-sent […]

Mainstream Bank Enhances Digital Asset Management Potential

We can finish off what’s become a mini-series of stories on the way digital banking is not just joining the mainstream service offering available out there – when it is in fact dictating what the mainstream really is. The Fintech Times has this offering: Lloyds Bank has bolstered its collaboration with financial software firm Alfa to make it […]

Financial And Social Change Coming Hand In Hand

Financial and social change are galloping towards us, hand in hand. While the focus in the UK may be the cost of living and the day-to-day worries of just getting by, the micro-universe of financial Technology is a very distant other side of the coin. With the constant stream of deal announcements, there’s no doubt […]

Revolut Sees Digital Horizon For SME Business Admin

It’s difficult not to have a soft spot for Revolut, not least because Martin Gilbert, the brilliant founder of Aberdeen Asset Management (known as Abrdn, nowadays after a daft re-branding), is a driving force of the digital bank. Revolut’s latest move is to provide small-business administrative services that the mainstream banks try and often fail […]

New Deal Boasts £1 Billion UK SME Funding Target

To the surprise of some commentators in the UK FinTech sector, the deals have kept coming for Funding Circle. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report the latest, with the the full story available by clicking this link: Funding Circle, which claims to be the UK’s largest small business loan platform, and Waterfall, an institutional asset manager, recently […]

European Authorities Tell Crowdfunders To Get a Move On

Remember the need for speed? Sadly, we’re not talking Top Gun, but crowdfunding… Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on the European way of moving things on, and discover that the Europeans themselves find the slowness of the bureaucracy frustrating. It’s possibly a very, very small silver lining in the dark cloud of Brexit… The European Securities […]

Beware Central Banks Selling CBDC Gifts…

The Norwegians are getting in on the pretend-crypto (aka Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDCs) act. CBDCs are not – repat, not – genuine cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have a decentralised algorithm at the heart of their money system – the maths is on charge, not a central ledger run by a central bank. CBDCs sound like […]

The Cyber World Is Coming Home To Roost

At some stage, we’ll stop pointing out the ever-faster tide of events bring the cyber and the digital into our homes and wallets. At some stage, but not yet. The latest snippet comes from our friends at news platform, Altfi. Having captured seven per cent of all UK SMEs at the start of the year, Tide is now partnering […]