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Beware Central Banks Selling CBDC Gifts…

The Norwegians are getting in on the pretend-crypto (aka Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDCs) act. CBDCs are not – repat, not – genuine cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have a decentralised algorithm at the heart of their money system – the maths is on charge, not a central ledger run by a central bank. CBDCs sound like […]

Europe Sets Feet On CBDC Trail

The relentless march of digital currencies continues. We run an extended excerpt from our friends at Crowdfundinsider on the proposed launch of a pan-European central bank digital currency. As pointed out several times on this News site, and in our blogs, a CBDC is a digital token, not a cryptocurrency. That has ramifications for oversight, […]

Watch Out For Crypto And CBDC Scams

Regular visitors to this News site and its related blogs will know we take a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and their digital currencies (which are not cryptocurrencies) Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Here’s a recent blog on what we think CBDCs are a coming thing, like them or not.  So we were interested in what […]

UK Peers Cool On Britcoin Digital Currency

Today, we bring a counter-cultural snippet. Central banks are set to roll out their own digital currencies soon (not the same as cryptocurrencies, which are driven by an independent algorithm). A recent blog explains the situation. Central banks and their governments are understandably desperate to establish their own digital currency as the dominant world brand. […]

The Dog Fight Between Public And Private Sectors For Digital-Currency Supremacy

Martin Baker, Money&Co.’s director of communications, continues his journey through the fast-changing and intensely competitive world of digital currencies  Private v Public Digital Money One of the reasons the central banks are so keen to popularise CBDCs is the fear that investment and digital banks will privatise the money supply. The private sector is scrambling […]

More Conclusions: Regulators Loathe Cryptos, And CBDC Competition Is On

Martin Baker, award-winning journalist and head of communications at Money&Co., opines on central banks, their competition for CBDC dominance and their dislike of cryptos Regulators Dislike Cryptos Regulators by definition cannot control tokens outside their banking system, so their antipathy is natural enough. This can spill over into wishful thinking. The Bank for International Settlements’ […]

CBDC International Scramble For Dominance Under Scrutiny

Martin Baker, award-winning journalist and head of communications at Money&Co., continues his take on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).   According to trade commentator NonFungible, trading in NFTs jumped by 300% in 2020 topping $250 million. In 2019, the same report said that the NFT market was a mere $62.8 million having dropped by 68% […]

CBDCs And The Mainstream’s Attempt To Control Cryptos

Here’s a first take on the fast-growing central bank digital currency market, as the mainstream tries to compete with and subsume cryptocurrencies within the established system. Baroness Susan Kramer, former LibDem Treasury spokesperson, notes the growth of CBDCs and argues that “there’s a gathering momentum behind fiat digital currencies. China is among the leading countries […]