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Norway Makes Move On Crypto Market With Its Own CBDC

The inexorable desire of the mainstream to annex the alternative sector continues. We’ve reported and blogged on this before. Digital does note mean crypto… The latest development is revealed by our friends at Finextra. Norway’s central bank has made the source code for its CBDC sandbox publicly available and confirmed that the prototype infrastructure for […]

Institutions Take A Hard Look At Crypto Management And Regulation

  Everyone has an opinion, but the opinions are invariably different. Yes, we are talking cryptocurrencies and their management and regulation. Here come two… First up, Altfi runs a policy statement on crypto policing from Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group. She argues lawmakers need keep pace […]

Central Bank Digital Currency – Stability The Goal

Out of the darkness, light. A new paper reveals the ultimate goal of central bankers and their desire to foist Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on the financial system. The paper makes it clear that the ultimate goal is stability in the system – reinforcing the argument regularly made in this News section that CBDCs […]

Beware Central Banks Selling CBDC Gifts…

The Norwegians are getting in on the pretend-crypto (aka Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDCs) act. CBDCs are not – repat, not – genuine cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have a decentralised algorithm at the heart of their money system – the maths is on charge, not a central ledger run by a central bank. CBDCs sound like […]

Europe Sets Feet On CBDC Trail

The relentless march of digital currencies continues. We run an extended excerpt from our friends at Crowdfundinsider on the proposed launch of a pan-European central bank digital currency. As pointed out several times on this News site, and in our blogs, a CBDC is a digital token, not a cryptocurrency. That has ramifications for oversight, […]

Watch Out For Crypto And CBDC Scams

Regular visitors to this News site and its related blogs will know we take a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and their digital currencies (which are not cryptocurrencies) Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Here’s a recent blog on what we think CBDCs are a coming thing, like them or not.  So we were interested in what […]

UK Peers Cool On Britcoin Digital Currency

Today, we bring a counter-cultural snippet. Central banks are set to roll out their own digital currencies soon (not the same as cryptocurrencies, which are driven by an independent algorithm). A recent blog explains the situation. Central banks and their governments are understandably desperate to establish their own digital currency as the dominant world brand. […]