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VC Investors Make FinTech Play

Is there gold in the digital hills? Some of the smartest (some might say “most avaricious”) minds aroundk seem to think so. Our friends at Altfi report on the rush to invest in the FinTech sector: Two of the UK’s most prolific venture capital firms, Index Ventures and Dawn Capital, both announced funding rounds yesterday as they […]

Funds Flow To Hot FinTech Sector

It’s deal time in the Fintech sector, with IPOs and funding rounds coming to the market, as previously reported here, in profusion. Our friends at Altfi offer reports of two major recent deals. Lending platform CrowdProperty has bagged a £300m five-year institutional funding line with a new unnamed UK asset manager. The latest investment is designed to […]

FinTechs In a Hurry To Launch IPOs

There’s a lot going on in our sector just now, with a rush of FinTech companies on both sides of the Atlantic seeking IPOs. Crowdfundinisder reports a preparatory step, a funding raise in the UK: FaizPay, a company offering a truly multi-channel fast and fair payments service that’s built on Open Banking rails, has secured 87% […]

FinTech Sector Brings Good Return For Financial Backers

There’s not just gold in them there FinTech hills, as the saying goes, but actual money – in the form of fiat currency and possibly cryptos too. Our friends at Altfi report on how the Fintech sector has performed for those who invested in its companies: Early bets on fintechs like Klarna, Starling Bank and Wise are paying off handsomely […]

Bitcoin Runs Into ESG Price Brick Wall

Bitcoin, the heavyweight of the cryptocurrency world, has had a relatively tough time recently – following the extraordinary price surges of the early part of the year. The currency is currently trading at just under $45,000 after highs of $64,000. See our recent blog on the topic. Meanwhile, AltFi opines on what it sees as […]

AltFi-Mainstream’s Latest Pairing – A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Another day, another deal in the alternative-finance sector as it marries itseld off to mainstream banking and finance. The latest pairing brings a surprisingly positive comment – good maybe, but “made in heaven”? – from our friends at AltFi, who report: Another partnership that seems to be a match in fintech heaven, this time for […]

Mainstream To Take AltFi Sector On Trust

The ever-changing world of Alternative Finance raises all sorts of issues as it rushes headlong towards the mainstream. To complete that journey the world at large must place its trust in the new-fangles sub-sector. Our friends at AltFi opine on the topic of trust in FinTech. The question of consumer trust in financial services came […]

A FinTech Regulatory Tale With a Potentially Happy Ending

The FCA has been busy taking care of the fast-changing Fintech sector. The regulator has good reason to be vigilant. Our friends at AltFi run a tale with what looks like a happy ending. Lanistar, a new fintech start-up with big ambitions and some controversy, has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide payments services.  […]