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The Cyber World Is Coming Home To Roost

At some stage, we’ll stop pointing out the ever-faster tide of events bring the cyber and the digital into our homes and wallets. At some stage, but not yet. The latest snippet comes from our friends at news platform, Altfi. Having captured seven per cent of all UK SMEs at the start of the year, Tide is now partnering […]

Cryptos March Onto Your Mobile – Plus Loan Auction Latest

The march of the cryptocurrency world continues. Digital wealth manager Moneybox is best known for an app that encourages individuals to save in a broad spread of investments via their mobile phones. Our friends at Altfi bring news of an expansion of the offering to include cryptos: [Moneybox] has raised £35m from asset management giant Fidelity in […]

More Signs Of Life In Digital Savings Market – Plus Loan Auction Latest

With higher interest rates a widely predicted factor in our financial future, Fintech banking products are set to proliferate in the retail savings area. We’ve reported recent developments – and on banking products they must not be confused with P2P loan offerings of the type furnished on this platform – and will continue to do […]

UK Government Moves To Regulate Crypto Gold Rush

Rapidly expanding new asset class, or dangerous speculative gold rush? Cryptocurrencies have been grabbing the headlines with the wild fluctuations of the prices of its leading players. That’s attracted attention and big speculative – without, as speculation implies, necessarily an appreciation of the risks involved. The UK government is now moving to make it more […]

Bright Digital Banking Future Has Its Dark Side

Bright new digital dawns are the theme of the early part of the year. But the flip side is the possibility of dark night, as reported by our friends at Altfi, who examine the risks inherent in the digital technology embraced by challenger banks. Concerns are growing that an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage could one day take […]

Altfi Sector And P2P Part Ways – Plus Loan Latest

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending section of the alternative-finance sector continues to evolve. Our strategy of niche lending here at Money&Co. is clear, as evidenced by this recent News report. Our friends at Altfi report the latest developments in the P2P sector: Lending Works, one of the oldest UK peer-to-peer lending platforms, is exiting the retail funding […]