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UK Altfi Sector A Major Beneficiary Of Northzone Move

Rumours of the death of the alternative finance industry are exaggerated. Altfi reports strongly contra-indicative news, at least: In its largest fundraise ever, venture capital firm Northzone has raised a massive €1bn. The firm now plans to use its tenth round of funds to invest in global consumer and enterprise companies across both the US […]

Institutions Take A Hard Look At Crypto Management And Regulation

  Everyone has an opinion, but the opinions are invariably different. Yes, we are talking cryptocurrencies and their management and regulation. Here come two… First up, Altfi runs a policy statement on crypto policing from Lisa Cameron MP, Chair of the Crypto and Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group. She argues lawmakers need keep pace […]

FCA Gets ‘Heavy’ On Data And Tech Management

The Financial Conduct Authority has a tough task, for which it’s heavily criticised. It’s a thankless job, and its recent announcement of “heavy” investment in the FinTech sector shows willingness – though praise for a well-ordered sector is always going to be far away. If there’s a problem, a chorus of critics will be asking […]

AltFi: Banking Licence Application Rush Continues

As regular visitors to this news site will know, Money&Co. is looking at all sorts of innovations and the expansion in the alternative-finance (and mainstream) areas. It’s certainly an area of great interest to us. Our friends at Altfi report on the latest in this fast-changing world: Just four months after submitting its banking licence application, LHV UK […]

Covid-Loan Allegations Rock FinTech Sector

Today we bring news of an astonishing outburst. The general, industry-wide problem regarding Covid loans certainly appears to be real enough. But the specific allegations here are truly shocking. Altfi reports: Starling Bank is reeling from accusations from former Conservative minister Lord Agnew that the bank used the Government’s Covid loan scheme as a “God-sent […]

The Cyber World Is Coming Home To Roost

At some stage, we’ll stop pointing out the ever-faster tide of events bring the cyber and the digital into our homes and wallets. At some stage, but not yet. The latest snippet comes from our friends at news platform, Altfi. Having captured seven per cent of all UK SMEs at the start of the year, Tide is now partnering […]

Cryptos March Onto Your Mobile – Plus Loan Auction Latest

The march of the cryptocurrency world continues. Digital wealth manager Moneybox is best known for an app that encourages individuals to save in a broad spread of investments via their mobile phones. Our friends at Altfi bring news of an expansion of the offering to include cryptos: [Moneybox] has raised £35m from asset management giant Fidelity in […]