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Challenger Bank’s Mainstream Move – Plus Loan Auction Latest

Starling Bank is in the process of moving from “challenger” bank to a major, mainstream player in the 21st Century’s banking sector. Our friends at Altfi chronicle the latest impressive moves from this quarter: Starling Bank has raised £130.5m from its existing investor base, as it looks to build a “war chest” for acquisitions. The challenger bank […]

Altfi Sector Moves Closer To Mainstream – Plus Loan Auction Latest

There’s a lot of money heading from mainstream finance towards the alternative finance sector. Perversely, one of the key reasons for that is the fact that the alternative sector is working hard to turn itself into something that looks like the mainstream – witness the popularity of banking licence applications, amongst other trends. Altfi reports […]

AltFi-Mainstream’s Latest Pairing – A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Another day, another deal in the alternative-finance sector as it marries itseld off to mainstream banking and finance. The latest pairing brings a surprisingly positive comment – good maybe, but “made in heaven”? – from our friends at AltFi, who report: Another partnership that seems to be a match in fintech heaven, this time for […]

Banks Have Far To Go In Love-Hate FinTech Relationship – Plus Loan Latest

The mainstream of financial services has a love-hate relationship with those in alternative finance. It’s a familiar tale of the establishment seeking to assimilate the rebels and smooth off the rough edges. The early days of many FinTech companies saw a weird relationship with the banks, who simultaneously courted and envied their success -and attempted […]

SME Funding Platform Shuttered – Plus New Loan Offer Latest

A new snippet of news from the mainstream of financial-services sector reinforces a growing trend we’ve noticed. The mainstream is much better at buying FinTech operations than it is at setting up its own businesses in the sector. This story comes from our friends at AltFi: NatWest has closed Esme Loans, a standalone lending platform it launched […]

FinTech – A New Age Of Collaboration (Or Maybe Acquisition) Ahead

Cynics might file this one under: “Believe it when I see it.” This latest governmental initiative might work, but we expect more of the same – FinTech acquisitions by mainstream banks when they like the look of the asset prices. Finextra carries the story: Some of the UK’s biggest banks have signed a government-backed pledge […]

Banks Look To FinTech “To Meet Customer Needs” – Plus Loan Latest

The ritual danced between alternative finance and the mainstream continues. Our own peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector is at the fore of this process. Here’s just one of many reports carried in News over the past five years. The latest news is carried by our friends at P2P Finance News, which looks at recent research indicating […]