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European Authorities Tell Crowdfunders To Get a Move On

Remember the need for speed? Sadly, we’re not talking Top Gun, but crowdfunding… Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report on the European way of moving things on, and discover that the Europeans themselves find the slowness of the bureaucracy frustrating. It’s possibly a very, very small silver lining in the dark cloud of Brexit… The European Securities […]

EU Launches Digital Finance Platform – Plus Loan Auction Latest

For our money, the best role of government and its regulators is in the background of the FinTech. They are not farmers, but conservators of a business-friendly environment. Our friends at Finextra report just such a story from Europe. The European Commission has launched the EU Digital Finance Platform, a website designed to build dialogue […]

Brave New Digital Currency World Lies Before Europe

The new year will see a step change on the acceptance of crypto and digital currencies. Cryptos are decentralised digital currencies, controlled by an independent algorithm. Digital currencies are often centrally administered money in a cute digital format. In the UK, we’ll see retail outlets such as the chemist, Boots, take digital payment. That’s just […]

Europe Takes Closer Look At Digital Finance

Brexit may be officially “done” – although the negotiations and the attempts to ameliorate the trading damage continue apace. Meanwhile the UK FinTech sector is necessarily affected by what happens in Europe. No man – and no industry, certainly – is an island. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: European securities regulator, the European Securities and Markets […]