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IMF: FinTechs Present Regulatory Challenge – Plus Auction Latest

A little bit of high-grade tittle-tattle, otherwise known as research from an august international financial institution, as we head for the Easter break. Digital banks and FinTechs are set to create pressure on the mainstream, as a new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) illustrates. Our friends at Finextra showcase the IMF’s findings: The […]

The Digital Banking Revolution Unfurls Across Europe

The revolution is coming – in the form of Revolut. Revolut has a pending application for a UK banking licence, and is expanding rapidly across Europe. Our friends at Altfi run the story: Digital banking challenger Revolut is inviting more of its customers to upgrade to a full bank account, after rolling out its Lithuanian banking licence across ten […]

CBDCs And The Mainstream’s Attempt To Control Cryptos

Here’s a first take on the fast-growing central bank digital currency market, as the mainstream tries to compete with and subsume cryptocurrencies within the established system. Baroness Susan Kramer, former LibDem Treasury spokesperson, notes the growth of CBDCs and argues that “there’s a gathering momentum behind fiat digital currencies. China is among the leading countries […]

FinTechs Find Tech Revolution Tough Going – Plus Loan Latest

Perhaps the financial mainstream isn’t alone in struggling to keep up with the pace of change in the FinTech revolution. Our friends at The Fintech Times report: 48% of fintechs’ data security is struggling to keep pace with innovation and digital transformation; a new report by Veritas Technologies has found. In the accelerated switch to meet the […]

Digital Banks Continue March Into Mainstream

Revolut and Starling are among the leaders of the “challenger” banks bringing the digital revolution to the mainstream. Regular Altfi visitors to our News site will be familiar with both banks. Our friends at Altfi bring news of the latest digital incursion into the mainstream. Nearly six months on from its acquisition of Fleet Mortgages for £50m, […]

Digital Bank Sector Welcomes New Contender

The universe of financial technology is expanding fast. The most significant growth is in the banking area, with new digital banks seeking to enter the market and challenge the mainstream almost every day. Our friends at Altfi offer the latest news. New neobank Chase has partnered with 10x Banking, to launch its entry into the UK retail […]