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Alternative Investment Options – A First Look

When the mainstream falters, alternative finance attracts greater attention from investors. Today, we look at a piece run by our friends at P2P Finance News. The article deals with alternative investment, based on numbers from a player in the alternative investment market. A little independent research shows that there are plenty of alternative data sources […]

Alternative Investments In Difficult Times

Global equity markets have had a very good run, but we are clearly entering difficult times for mainstream investment channels. Regular readers will know that we have strong reservations about the way mainstream finance has rushed to invest – or should that be “throw money”? – at the alternative-finance sector. Source: Siblis Research The major […]

Bank Figures Highlight Relationship Between Risk, Access And Yield

Cliche, truism, hoary old chestnut? Take your pick, but the truth remains: there’s no profit without risk. We constantly stress the importance of understanding risk. It’s a precondition of lending – the attractive yields our lenders have achieved (over eight per cent across more than five years) comes at the price of the risk to […]

AltFi Investment – Yield, Capital Return, Market Correlation

There are more hostilities in the investment trust takeover battle at Pollen Street Capital. See the detail of the bitter struggle, reported by our friends at AltFi, below. Regular readers will know that we have strong reservations about the way mainstream finance has rushed to invest – or should that be “throw money”? – at […]

Platform Lenders Heading For Increased Scrutiny – Plus Loan Latest

P2P lenders could be in for further scrutiny from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after the collapse of FundingSecure exposed client money failures, compliance experts have warned in a report by our friends at P2P Finance News. At Money&Co. we had a routine audit with the FCA a few months ago – and passed with […]

Banking Licence, Brexit And An Ongoing Commitment To SME Lending

The trade financial press last week reported this company’s application for a banking licence. Amid all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit as the application is pending, this is a good opportunity to underscore our continuing commitment to lending to high-quality, small companies. Our mission is to help carefully vetted small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) find capital […]

Litigation Finance On Rise In Platform Lending – Plus Loan Latest

A snatch of text from a recent report by our friends at AltFi caught our attention. See italicised extract, below. With yields at close to multi-century lows, equities valuations stretched, and Brexit dominating the headlines, attractive alternatives to cash are arguably limited. Platform lending is, no doubt, one such alternative – providing lenders understand the […]

Alternative Lending Review, Part II – Plus Loan Latest

Call it platform lending, marketplace lending or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, the loans facilitated in our sector are a new asset class. The novelty of platform lending has contributed to a classic case of the syndrome known as fear of the unknown. There have been some high-profile failures in the sector. The lesson we’ve learned from […]

Conservative Risk Management Is Way Forward For P2P

Steady as she goes… The peer-to-peer (P2P) sub-sector of alternative finance has suffered some reverses recently. We offer an excerpt from the latest news report from our friends at AltFi, involving a UK fund investing in a troubled French venture, below. Our take on all this is simple: improperly managed risky ventures will fail (and […]