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Mainstream Still Seeking Way Forward For AltFi Investments

Mainstream finance’s enthusiasm for the direct-lending sub-sector of alternative finance has understandably abated after some poor investment experiences. AltFi reports the latest on a long-running saga involving an investment trust that’s been seeking a stable way forward for some time:  Pollen Street Secured Lending (PSSL) has appointed Waterfall Asset Management to be its delegated portfolio manager, […]

AltFi Investment – Yield, Capital Return, Market Correlation

There are more hostilities in the investment trust takeover battle at Pollen Street Capital. See the detail of the bitter struggle, reported by our friends at AltFi, below. Regular readers will know that we have strong reservations about the way mainstream finance has rushed to invest – or should that be “throw money”? – at […]

Alternative Finance: Bid Wars And Loan Returns

We are following an old-fashioned takeover battle in the FinTech sector. A market-listed investment trust investing in alternative finance, particularly the platform-lending sub-sector, is the subject of a hostile takeover bid. As asset valuations for this investing in the sector via this route continue to fluctuate, an alternative route looks more and more attractive. Investors […]