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Europe’s FinTech Bandwagon Rolls On

Today we bring news of expansion of our FinTech sector across Europe – all of this ahead of new loan offerings landing shortly on site, as previously highlighted here. Our friends at Altfi report: SMEs across Europe hungry for cash have a new digital bank to turn to in the form of Fibr, which launches […]

UK SMEs Have Renewed Appetite For Unsecured Credit

Another side-effect of Covid-19? There’s no point in speculating as to the reasons, the facts themselves are interesting enough. UK small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are hungrier than ever for unsecured credit. Money&Co. has strict criteria for lending, and requires security before agreeing to facilitate a loan. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: The iwoca SME Expert Index […]

FinTech Sector Expands Range Of SME Funding And Finance Services

Another day, another mainstream-FinTech partnership aimed at small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers. Our friends at AltFi report the latest: Business banking provider Tide has joined forces with SME accounting firm Crunch in its latest partnership. The new collaboration will allow Crunch users to easily set up a business banking account with Tide and enhance the two firms’ financial […]

Bounce-Back Ball Is In SME Lenders’ Court

The snippets of news keep coming through. With the sunlit uplands officially scheduled for the end of the first quarter next year, the fallout from a super-hurried set of measures to shore up SMEs is beginning to make itself felt. Crowdfundinsider reports: HM Treasury has stated that it’s ultimately the responsibility of lenders, and not […]

Money&Co. CEO Questions Slow Start For Coronavirus Loan Scheme

We’ve been reporting regularly on the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). We see CBILS as a great idea whose execution is, at best, uneven. Our friends at P2P Finance News run a piece on the Coronavirus lending initiative, leading with a quote from Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick. See an excerpt from the article below. […]

British Business Bank Extends Saftey Net

The oscillations of the world’s equity markets are a good indicator of instability and uncertainty in the underlying economies. While we appreciate that this is hardly news, that instability may have an effect on the ability of small- and medium-sized companies to service funding debt of the kind facilitated on platforms like Money&Co.’s. For the […]